Seers dissatisfy with improper implementation of NKSL project

Sewerage in Dewas dist polluting Kshipra

Ujjain: Seers’ community appears to be unhappy with the improper implementation of Narmada- Kshipra- Simhastha- Link ( NKSL) project. Seers from the city of temples on Thursday visited the spots where sewerage gets mixed in the holy Kshipra in Dewas district. Seers admitted that government did no planning to purify Kshipra by filtration plant and diversion of sewerage.

Seers dissatisfy with improper implementation of NKSL project

With the successful testing of NKSL project, water lifted from Omkareshwar dam is being drifted through pipelines and canals at the origin point of Kshipra at Ujjani, 115 km from here. 5000 litre water from Narmada river is being flown in Kshipra every second to make its flow perennial. Seers from Dharmacharya Parishad Kalyan Samiti appreciated the ambitious project of Government of Madhya Pradesh, but the Parishad is unhappy with the improper implementation of project.

State general secretary of Samiti Dr Avadhesh Das led a Kshipra Purification drive. Seers visited sewerage and Khan River from Indore which gets mixed in Kshipra turning it polluted. Dr Avadhesh Das told that they had put forth the matter before government. They suggested government to prepare project for diversion of sewerage and Khan river and establish filtration plant to prevent Kshipra from getting polluted. A delegation of seers visited the spot where a sewerage gets mixed in Kshipra in Dewas district. Polluted water from Tata leather factory in Dewas gets mixed in Kshipra through this sewerage.

The delegation includes Mehant Bhagwandas Maharaj, Digvijay Singh Maharaj, Mahant Peer Baba, Mahant Rajendra Das, Narayan Swami and Jayramdas visited the sewerage.

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