RTO’s action creates panic amidst traffic violators

Ujjain: Regional Transport Officer ( RTO) HR Rohit took action against traffic violators in the city on Thursday. Challans were fined to 18 vehicles and 23 vehicles were seized. RTO also cancelled the permit of nine vehicles.

RTO’s action creates panic amidst traffic violators

RTO HR Rohit stationed his vehicle at Teen Batti square along with traffic cops on Thursday. RTO had to chase a school bus for about one km between Teen Batti square and Pushpa Mission hospital after the bus was asked to stop. During the drive launched by RTO action was taken against school buses and other vehicles which were found without documents related to license, fitness and permits. RTO cancelled the permits of nine school buses.

The action taken against traffic rule violators by RTO created panic amidst commuters. Most of the commuters after seeing the RTO took u- turn and changed their route. Recently RTO fined challans over 27 vehicles.

About 23 vehicles were seized from Tower Chowk and Dewas Road. RTO Rohit told Free Press that the drive will be continued till March 31. Action will be taken against traffic violator at large scale. Traffic cops have been deputed to inspect violators at city squares.

Free Press Journal