Modi dazzles the city in Virtual 3D meeting

Ujjain: BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi bedazzled city voters on Thursday for the first time by addressing them using 3D technology at Tower Square. It is a first of a kind setup which has earned its place in Guinness book of world records for most shows.

Addressing was scheduled to address voters via virtual 3D from 6.30 pm onwards. Tech team for the addressing arrived on Wednesday with all their gadgets, image, sound and light equipments in various trucks. The party’s local unit is going all out to make it look like a real event by placing a huge stage to accommodate 20, 000 audience, with chairs and decorative items at the venue.

Modi’s 3D avatar appeared standing on the stage and delivering the speech to the audience sitting even at a distance of 400 meters. The location featured technical setup capable in which 40x40x35ft projection cubes of Modi were delivering his speech live from a single location.

A projector was placed high above the stage to stream visuals to the stage floor, which was then reflected on the stage background.The background was made of a special, almost transparent, material that provided a 3D illusion.

The 3D holographic projection technology in use is popular across Europe and uses image- beaming at intended locations with specialized camera techniques to offer an unparalleled live- view experience without the use of 3D glasses. It was an important play, as Modi has used this formula successfully in Gujarat Assembly Elections of 2012, in which cards turned out to be in his favor. Even USA President Barrack Obama used this technique during recent elections across America.

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