Ujjain :Juna Akhada, the biggest Naga Akhada has demanded just double land for camping during the Simhastha Fair of 2016.

The office-bearers of Juna Akhada who are in city from past week have constantly watching the track of land allotment to them. This time the Akhada has demanded 9 lakh square feet land for camp erection during the Simhastha Fair. Reportedly the Juna Akhada was allotted around 4.5 lakh square feet land during the previous Simhastha fair of year 2004. Juna Akhada this time has demanded three land pieces nearby all on the same road near Mullapura by pass, for Dharmdhwaja hoisting, camp of Acharya Mahamadleshwar and camping site for their Sadhus and pilgrims.

The office-bearers of Juna Akhada on Monday once again visited the proposed land piece on the link road between Chintman Ganesh temple road and Barnagar Road near Mullapura. PWD SDO Komal Bhutda showed the progress of land piece to the Sadhus of Juna Akhada. Interestingly direct representative of, Juna Akhada Acharya Maha Mandleshwar Avadheshanand Giriji, Nachiketa was also present during the visit. Sources said he had been sent to look into the delay in the land allotment to the Akhada and report it to Avadheshanand Giriji.

However, the Simhastha Fair Authority (SFA) is yet to allot land to the Juna Akhada due to rising trouble over increased land demand and separate land for Dharmdhwaja hoisting, SDO Bhutda was seen detailing about the new land piece to the Sadhus, as it had been already allotted. Bhutda told the Sadhus about the progress in installation of water pipelines and how 60 feet wide roads will be provided to Sadhus for transportation during the fair. Bhutda said 12 kilometers of 80 feet wide Water Bound Macadam (WBM) roads will be made during the fair. Prior to this fair officer Avinash Lavania, deputy fair officer Anil Patwa and nodal officer SN Mishra also met with the Sadhus.

General Secretary, Juna Akhada, Swami Hari Giriji said, the SFA is continuously testing us over allotting land for our camps of Acharya Maha Mandleshwar and same is the condition with the regular land for Sadhus and followers. We need more land as the number of Sadhus and pilgrims have increased manifold and separate land is demanded for Bhagwat Katha of Acharya Maha Mandleshwar Avdheshanand Giriji, he said. However he said, fair officer Lavania, has assured him of timely work and all basic amenities such as water, electricity and sanitation will be ensured, he added.

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