It is shocking, even painful, to realise that

there are many traitors within the country and that quite a large number of them belong to the minority community. Many among our liberal, secular intellectuals do not want to face that fact which has been effectively brought out by Shishir Gupta in his wellresearched book on the Indian Mujahideen. As he has rightly noted, ” the Indian State was in denial about home- grown terrorism for many years until serial blasts in Varansiin Uttar Pradesh on March 7, 2006 and Malegaon in Maharasthra in September 28, 2008 put an end to its delusion”. In the past it was never the done thing to accuse even a minute segment of the Muslim community of terrorism but now it is all out. The governments initial response was that ” some minority boys had alt39 gone astrayalt39″. Now it is coming to be realised that terrorist groups in India are ” part of the arsenal used by Pakistan to strategically contain India”. The acts of terror, Gupta has shown, have ” exploded the myth that the Indian youth was insulated from global terrorism and had little time for extremism”. This book effectively focuses on the rise of indigenous Islamist fundamentalism in India, spear- headed by the Indian Mujahideen.

The author it is clear, has done a tremendous amount of research and has had several interviews with ” top political leaders, police and intelligence chiefs, bureaucrats, diplomats, former SIMI activists and officials to expose how religion has been deliberately misinterpreted by vested interests and subversives to justify violence in the country”. Gupta attributes ” money from Dubai and South Arabia and the Muslim underworld for radicalising the agitated minds of local Muslim youth to militate against the Indian State”. Noting that the Indian Mujahideen strikes in the past decade have been ” brutal and targeted against the majority community as it to teach them a lesson”, all designed to ” disrupt communal harmony”, Gupta adds that ” with a large number of SIMI sympathisers in the country and hundreds of militants trained or being trained in sabotage and subversion across the border in the name of atrocities on Muslims in India, the threat I s omnipresent”. According to Gupta, SIMI ( Students Islamic Movement of India) founded in April 1977 has among its four alt39 aimsalt39, the destruction of nationalism and establishment of Islamic rule or Caliphate, obviously in India! That anybody could even think of it comes as a shock but SIMI seems to be clear in its mind. Feeding on the ” insecurities” of the minority community – mostly imaginary – SIMI apparently has nearly 400 ansars ( full- time activists) and an amazing 20,000 ikhwans ( regular members) with networks all over India. Additionally, since 1990 there has been a steady stream of Pakistani nationals who have infiltrated into India to establish ” sleeper cells” for future strikes within the country.

What has India done to rouse hatred? Have any Muslims been driven out of the country, as Hindus have been from Pakistan? What madness has overtaken Muslim youth to turn traitors? Gupta recounts incident after incident, in great and bloody detail of bomb attacks indulged in by SIMI activists. Those involved in these are also named.

Guptas research is thorough. According to the Justice Mittal Report, quoted by the author, SIMI has twenty three identified front organisations in Kerala, eight in Maharashtra, seven in West Bengal, three in Bihar, two in Uttar Pradesh and one each in Karnataka and Delhi. Apparently neither the Central Government nor the State Governments have done anything to check their activities. What is surprising is that, as the book shows, information on the evil designs of SIMI jihadists has not been a secret. The author has exquisitely detailed it.

The behind- the- scenes activities of the SIMI jihaditss are

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