TWENTY LIFE SKETCHES GOPALKRISHNA GANDHI PENGUIN VIKING PAGES: 234; PRICE: RS. 499 Gandhi, Jayaprakash Narayan, Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay, M. S. Subbulakshmi and Jyoti Basu were defined by the epoch they lived in and

they, in turn, defined it. Their legacies are part of our lore, not yet of our understanding. Of a Certain Age celebrates twenty such individuals with charming biographical sketches. Gopalkrishna Gandhi illuminates key moments in their lives with personal knowledge, conversations and correspondence. He offers us little- known facts, vivid portrayals of their vulnerabilities and strengths and touches upon the qualities that made them the stuff of legend. In sketches that are sympathetic and frank, intimate and objective, Gopalkrishna Gandhi analyses the public and political trajectories of these figures and explores the events that connect them to the broader horizon of history. Written in elegant and fluid prose, Of a Certain Age provides valuable insights to understanding these remarkable men and women who shaped events in the twentieth century and had a considerable impact on the subcontinent we know today.


AMAR AGARWALA FROG BOOKS PAGES: 328; PRICE: RS. 250 Missing Varrun is a tale of values and lost affection. It is a love story that connects the picturesque town of Ceuta in the south of Spain, to the dusty bye- lanes of Kolkata in India. A story which witnesses a young Spanish girl meeting an Indian boy quite by the twist of fate.

Their torrid love affair crosses all barriers of time and culture and unites them, only to see them separated by ironical living of the 21st century. It is about the children born to them, their upbringing, and their strange longing for India in the aftermath of life and living of a family, which struggles to come to terms with the time and distance between them, underlining a bold endeavour to reunite under the most compelling circumstances.


A JOURNEY WITHIN THE SELF DR. MAYURDHVAJ JHALA PAGES: 62; PRICE: RS. 60 Who am alt39 Ialt39? Is it really a big question to answer? The very first lessons in school about alt39 tensesalt39 empower us linguistically to understand alt39 They, It, She, He, You, We and Ialt39 as alt39 third- person plural, third- person singular, second- person plural and – singular, first- person plural and – singularalt39. How many times since then, have we used this basic lesson of tenses for an endless list of expressions? May be the expressions of a lifetime! Or, a niche made up of a very small vocabulary with the simplest words, yet forming the base on which many other expressions rested heavily. Tense Tenses goes deep into this analysis to know our inner selves through different relationships. In the last chapter ( kind of an Epilogue) alt39 The Final Journeyalt39, all the thoughts, beliefs and the resulting mental realm is depicted describing a routine train journey.

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