Baba Sehgal and his wife Anju Sehgals divorce proceedings are underway. The couple has a son, Tanveer Sehgal. The husband- wife relationship turned sour after Baba entered into a live- in relationship with Ashima Kalra

three years ago. Baba Sehgal and Ashima vouch for their being in love.

Ashima says, ” I am adorned with titles like alt39 mistressalt39 and alt39 keepalt39 by the son and Anju which makes me feel very pathetic. We are not planning to get married at present, But I will stand by Baba. It did take me some time to decide to get into this relationship. Earlier, I contemplated if I was doing the right thing or not. But slowly and gradually, I decided to share a live- in relationship with Baba as I feel every person has the right to live their life. From day one, Anju was intimated about our affair and I accepted Tanveer as my own kid. We allowed him to live with us. Just lately, he stayed continuously for a week. But on the 11th, he misbehaved with me. No sooner did I open the door than he entered with one of his friends and started abusing me, calling me mistress, w*** e, etc. He and his friend tried to threaten me and I felt as though they would just pounce on me. Baba who was present there asked his friend to leave and told Tanveer to behave himself. But since I was very petrified, I registered a complaint ( NC) at the Amboli Police Station.” She goes on to add, ” I do not know why Tanveer lives with us because he would always come late at night and he does not eat or even drink water from my house. He would go in the morning only to return back at 11pm or later at night. All this was accepted by us but his behaviour this Saturday left us alarmed.” Being divorced from a businessman who owns trucks in the US, Ashima says, ” I fell for Baba after I realised what he was suffering owing to the bad relationship between husband and wife. Baba gives Anju an alimony of alt39alt39alt39alt3970,000 per month although she demanded about alt39alt39alt39alt391.5 lakh. Trying to meet the expenses of two families has put Baba almost in debt. I earn my living by doing cameo roles and working in the ad world. At present, we are living in a rented house and I share expenses too.” Anju contradicts this statement and says, ” Tanveer is shattered by his fathers behaviour. The day this incident happened he came home and told me that one of his friends had come to return money which he had borrowed from him. He said his dad asked him to go out and talk. They went out and after a few moments he returned. Then, Ashima started shouting at him saying that you blabber like your mom and that she would set him and his mother straight and she walked out of the house to register a complaint against him. Her complaint was not registered. My son came to me, had his dinner, and went back to sleep at Babas house.

All night he slept there; Ashima was not frightened to have him sleep there in her own house. It was the next day that she went to the police station and registered a complaint. Why is she trying to push my son away from his dad? I always advice my son to respect his father. All I can say is that I love Baba and shall remain his wife until my last breath.” Baba Sehgal says, ” Anju always tried to show me down telling me you are a black guy, you are good for nothing. She also insulted my family members. She hated cooking for me, she would burn my clothes.

My mobiles would be destroyed in the presence of my servants. I could not save any money and even make any property. I sold whatever property I had. She has paintings worth alt39alt39alt39alt3910- 20 lakh. A woman is known to make a family but Anju destroyed it.” The tender relationship between a father and son has turned to pieces. Baba says, ” I have love and affection for my son. After the NC, I have spoken to him six or seven times. He has asked for a pair of shoes and I have told him to go ahead and get it from the market.

But I want Tanveer to recall all the past incidents, the fights that occurred earlier between me and

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