Non-action on part of admin adds to patients woe

Ujjain: The outdoor patients department (OPD) at the Civil Hospital (CH) is becoming useless as senior consultants have refused to provide their services on time. Though Ujjain CH is the largest government-owned hospital in the division, grave irregularities and in-actions of administration has rendered the hospital useless. Same scenario was observed on Friday morning at CH’s OPD when not a single doctor was present at OPD duty up to 11 pm.

The issue of doctors’ absenteeism has come to light several times, and Rogi Kalyan Samiti officials have intervened in the issue many times and this time too when Rajesh Bodana of (RKS) took the cognizance of the matter, doctors started to arrive, but administration and authorities are not even trying to stop this malpractice, because no one is there to check or make a random inspection of hospital. It was also alleged that in the name of 24 hours emergency duty doctors are absconding from their duties, while condition of emergency care has resulted in a flop show because of the truants.

When investigated it was found out that most of the professors and senior doctors, heading many departments in CHs, are not attending the patients in OPDs despite their OPD days, causing immense troubles to the patients, coming from far-flung areas.

A large number of patients and their attendants told Free Press on Friday that the senior doctors and professors did not examine the patients in the departments. They prefer to examine them in their clinics after official duty hours and mostly ask patients to visit them there, said one of the patients; they also said that they were collecting high fees, besides asking patients to carry out expensive tests in laboratories owned by them.

Ujjain CH has got the services of at least 29 specialist doctors, who were supposed to sit in the OPD from 9am to 2pm and examine patients there, when asked Civil Surgeon Dr CD Sharma told to media that he is not having proper knowledge of the issue, as he was busy on inspection in Jiwajiganj and Chhatri Chowk Dispensary, but if found guilty, duty doctors will face disciplinary action.

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