What is Missed Call Marketing and what are its benefits?

What is Missed Call Marketing?


Missed call marketing (MCM) is a medium in which you call a phone number with an intention of giving a “missed call”. Sometimes your call will be disconnected automatically with or, without an acknowledgement message. Then the recipient, i.e., the company with the intention to market or to provide any services shall call you or send a message back with relevant information.

What it means for a layman:

Missed call marketing can be an easy, free and convenient for a layman to get in touch with a product or service provider to get information. It had been said that sometimes, people who have fewer credits or balance for their phone number, they tend to give “missed call” to their contacts. The same is seen in missed call marketing.

Basically a simple interface, missed call marketing can help you quickly know the balance in your bank account if you don’t have an internet connection to sign into your bank website. Or if you need support from any product or service company at free of cost, you can fire up your phone app to nudge them to get back to help you.

People have also used the missed call feature to cast their vote to their favorite TV show character, or to show their support any activism.

What it means for a Marketing Professional:

At a basic level, missed call marketing for professionals can an effective inbound marketing technique. You promote your potential prospects to reach out to you at a free of cost when they want. Since the customer or users have opted (or told you “call me back”) you to contact them, there’s no “intrusion” part like in other marketing techniques. Missed call is a strong intent of a buying customer by promoting easily-rememberable “missed call” phone numbers on places such as hoardings, advertisers can invite or urge the potential customers to get in touch with you.

Benefits of Missed Call Marketing:

Missed call marketing has great benefits where there’s is no access to internet, or when users find call rates costly. It’s a win-win situation for customers and marketers. Some of the applications include inbound marketing or pull marketing: lead generation and app downloads, easy customer support, phone banking, sports updates, voting system for surveys, customer verification system, and customer feedback.

This list of applications of missed call marketing can be exhaustive. But the benefits start from the fact that this doesn’t cost a penny to the user plus this entire thing is hassle-free. It’s a no-spam and cheaper way to build customer base and reach out to them, especially in emerging markets such as India. Since the cost is less, and the technique is non-intrusive, missed call marketing helps in overall increase in lead quality and also decreasing the cost per lead at the same time.

The seller of missed call marketing service providers such as SnapCall from Konnect, usually provide information such as purchase habits, call frequency, and other analytical data that highly useful for advertisers.

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