Eco Render Plus – A Unique Plaster Without Cement, Sand, and Water

The limited availability of riverbed sand and the ban on sand mining at various places because of excessive and illegal mining have significantly impacted the construction sector. Good quality sand is a must for plastering the interior and exterior surfaces of buildings. Water scarcity and labour crisis are further aggravating the situation. The construction sector is forced to use crushed rock sand, compromising on quality, to complete projects on time. This, in turn, gives rise to maintenance issues such as cracks, seepage, fungal growth, and premature deterioration in quality later on.

The Pune based Green Build Products, a manufacturer of environment-friendly products, offers unique solutions to the construction sector. They make available self-curing products that could make construction a totally hassle-free affair and also save a great deal of water, the most precious natural resource. The products developed by the company not only improve the quality of construction but also help to extend the life of both the building and the substrate. They make use of a user-friendly, non-hazardous technology to manufacture their products. Their unique eco-friendly solutions for the construction industry help save time, machinery, labour, and water.

Eco Render Plus – Areas of Application

One of the products of Green Build, Eco Render Plus, is a ready-to-use, self-curing wet mix plaster that can be used for all kinds of facades. The environment-friendly product is not required to be diluted with water or mixed with any additives, enabling savings in water, time, and labour. Further, the time taken for curing by Eco Render is much less compared to the conventional mortar. In addition, the effort required to apply Eco Render Plus is minimal. The wet mix plaster is also very effective when applied as a protective back coat for putties, paints, and gypsum plaster. It offers a water-resistant surface with excellent bonding.

Eco Render Plus – A Unique Plaster Without Cement, Sand, and Water

Eco Render is made from recycled wastes. It is a pre-polymerised paste and designed to cure and set without water. It can be applied with a trowel or sprayed on to the walls. The use of a special notched trowel allows masons to create the key coat that holds the POP punning often applied on internal wall surfaces. In addition, the coat prevents seepage of moisture from within the wall.

When applying Eco Render on the external side of alloform concrete wall or AAC block wall, no bonging or hacking agent is required to be used. As it is possible to achieve a total system thickness of 8 to 10 mm, it ensures complete enveloping to the external facade. Further, the crack-free product prevents seepage, dampness, and fungal growth.

The best aspect about Eco Render is that it can be used even for refurbishment jobs in old buildings. On the surface of the external plaster that has a plenty of cracks, a coat of 3 to 4 mm of Eco Render applied prior painting the wall helps to seal off the cracks.

Green Build Products, founded in 2005 by Pradeep and Shilpa Joshi, has received worldwide recognition for their patented products. In 2009, they received the ‘Innovation Patent’ from the Australian Government. Green has also received the ‘G.S. Parkhe Industrial Merit Award’ from Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture.

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