CAD Outsourcing Services  for Global Customers

The Indian manufacturing, production, and design sector is undergoing a rapid transformation phase with increase in usage of age-old technologies like CAD.  As a result, various automobile, textile, fashion, real estate, and manufacturing companies are keen on hiring skilled design partners with CAD expertise.

This is exactly where the team at DigitiseIT comes in. The Pune, India based company has proven its mettle with a range of complex projects executed for clients across different geographies, including USA and Europe.

The company’s technology competency has bridged the gap between the creative mindset and new-age designs with the below cutting-edge CAD services.

  1. CAD Drafting Services– The company experts have an extensive knowledge in creating floor designs, construction drawings, structural drawings, mechanical drawings, preliminary drawings, millwork drawings, interior designing, plot maps drawing, using diverse range of tools like Auto Cad, SketchUP Pro, BricsCAD, etc. Their architectural services include creating floor plans, site plans, ceiling plans, structural CAD drawing, design and drawing architecture, laying sanitation and piping plans, evacuation plans. Further, their drafting services undergo through several stringent quality checks, so that they can offer their clients effective and accurate drawings.
  1. Architectural Drawings- DigitiseIT provides top-notch CAD drawing services to give customers’ home a new makeover. Their experienced architects understand project demands and convert rough sketches into detailed plans, elevation sections, roof plans and construction drawings.
  1. GIS (Geographic Information System) – Digitise IT has built expertise in offering GIS services to clients. They have partnered with several specialist companies in the US and Europe to offer services in disciplines of Underground Utility capture like Sewer, Water, Fire water, Electricity, Fiber-optics. Their services always have a dash of personalization included within it.
  1. 3D Visualization, Rendering and Walkthrough – The organization has a team of 3D Animators& Architectural Visualizers that offers high-quality services like creation of 2D and 3D Floorplans, interior and exterior perspectives, walkthroughs and VR tours to cater to the developers, architects, builders, interior designers and individual’s needs. The company is backed by a team of well-qualified and experienced designers who are proficient in addressing specific customer needs. The services offered exude creativity and innovation built into cost-effective solutions to particular project needs.
  1. Digital Photo Optimization – DigitiseIT specializes in offering digital photo optimization services using various tools like Adobe Photoshop and available lens plug-in. They correct digital photographs using techniques like sharpening, color enhancement, cropping, and removal of red tint from the photograph. Each photograph is also reviewed and treated for blue sky changes, removal of unwanted objects like wires or as per instructions of object removal from clients. By outsourcing photo optimization services to DigitiseIT, clients can save enormous time and operational expenses.
  1. Point Cloud Data Conversion – The company’s Point Cloud Data Conversion technology is used to build accurate Architectural and MEP details, of the building or a site. Their work entails tracing and surface restricting from point cloud data. Their services are not limited to architects, general contractors, and mechanical contractors; they offer services to other industry sectors as well.
  1. As Built Drawing Compilation – Whenever a real estate construction client embarks on the construction process of the existing building, they are likely to ask the designer team about As Built Drawing for reviewing the project and to eliminate the uncertainty and surprises that may bog them later. DigitiseIT builds such drawings through which the engineer can inspect the site thoroughly and conduct on-the-spot checks to ensure speed and accuracy.

Why choose DigitiseIT?

DigitiseIT strongly believes that the client knows best. They have in-built system and processes that let clients collaborate and coordinate with their experts. Clients appreciate how quickly the team understands their requirements, mold their architectural drawings to suit their needs and work like an extension of their in-house teams.

This means that the dedicated staff at DigitiseIT do a lot of homework and study the client project in detail and have the confidence of achieving 100% satisfaction. What separates the company from its competitors is that they create meaningful, accurate & thought-provoking architectural drawings that make total business sense.

The company is home to creative visual artists and designers. They love everything related to CAD designing and approach projects with great passion and dedication. Their proven processes and outside-the-box thinking means that clients can easily transform their vision into drawing. The company’s future goal is to continue offering clients with superior quality and nothing less than that.  Their extensive footprint extends beyond India to USA, Europe, etc.

Connect with the company today

Customers can share their project details coupled with the perspective they have in mind and DigitiseIT’s  CAD experts will work based on the input. They strive to add liveliness to customers’ imagination and create impressive and immersive CAD based drawings that would help achieve business objectives.

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