We have seen or heard about dogs playing football, surfing or doing other activities. However, now a video is going viral on social media where a dog is singing in a keertan at a temple. A Twitter user by the name @sudhmadate recently took to the social media platform to post a video of her friend’s dog attending keertan at a temple and singing along with the singers.

She posted the adorable video with the caption, This devout little dog belongs to my friend’s factory. Every Thursday evening, without fail, he walks over to the temple next door and joins the keertan. Then he has his share of prasad and trots back home. Every single Thursday!

In the video, one can see the dog singing along with the keertan singers and playing with the devotees at the temple. As soon as the video was out it gained appreciation and love from social media users.

Here’s what everyone is saying on Twitter:

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