Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

New York:  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday said that terrorism in India was not “homegrown” and expressed regret that many countries have never understood the real danger of terrorism.

He said terrorism is a danger that needs to be taken very seriously and India’s Muslims will not respond to Al Qaeda’s call.

In a speech and later answering questions at the Council of Foreign Relations, a leading think tank, before leaving for Washington after two days in New York, Modi touched on relations between the US and India, which he likened to that between a husband and wife, “never 100 percent comfort”, and also highlighted his government’s policy of less government and more governance.

Taking a dig at the US, Modi said that in the 1990s when he would speak to US State Department officials about terrorism, they would dismiss it as India’s law and order problem. But after 9/11 when he visited the US he was being sermonised about terrorism.

“That means that unless and until we have a bomb explosion we don’t understand what terrorism is.”

“We are bothered by terrorism… it has been exported to our country, it is not homegrown. The Muslims in India, CNN had asked about it, India’s Muslims will fail the Al Qaeda,” he asserted.

Terrorism is the enemy of humanity and anyone who believes in humanity should come together to challenge the great danger of humanity, Modi said in answer to another question.

The prime minister said India has been suffering from the effects of terrorism for the past 40 years and also referred to the jihadist terror group Islamic State and the beheading of journalists.

“We have suffered for 40 years from the effects of terrorism, it is such a deformity that we can’t imagine. And when we see it on TV when a journalist’s throat is being slit, and that in the 21st century such a heinous crime is being committed in front of us… And still we don’t challenge it… we have to believe in humankind, we have to go together, terrorism is the enemy of humanity and anyone who believes in humanity needs to come together to combat terrorism,” he said.

He said all countries need to overcome their divisions to combat the challenge of terrorism, and for that there is only one way – that the world should understand the danger of terrorism and those who believe in humanity should join hands.

Modi also said there is no good terrorism and bad terrorism, and if we brand it like this then terrorism will take advantage of that. He gave the example of West Asia, saying the region was far ahead in prosperity, “but look at the situation now” – referring to the violence by the Islamic State and other groups.

He said that the world should believe in one mantra – for prosperity for everyone and encourage tourism – to encourage people-to-people contacts. Terrorism divides and tourism unites, and we want that we should meet and get to know each other,” Modi said.

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