Spin your wheel

Spin your wheel

New Delhi: Spinning charkha for one hour daily may improve concentration, multitasking abilities, patience and mind-body coordination of ...Read More

Suppose You Go To God

Suppose you go to God, to get a boon. When your intention is to get a boon, then you are in a hurry. Another person knows that he already...Read More


Hours in queues, cash denial make people lose their cool

An irate mob locked up the SBI and Dena Bank branches at Samadhiyala village in the Saurashtra


Make the right choice- Nityanand Charan Das

When we go through depressing situations in life, there are always two options: To give up or to stand up and fight it out. The later is ...Read More

Centre lacks courage, patience, says Congress

Bengaluru (Karnataka): Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge on Wednesday lambasted Union Information and Broadcasting Min...Read More


Impatient young women may age faster: study

Singapore : For young women seeking longevity and youth, a little patience may help you live longer, a new study suggests. Researchers fr...Read More


Queen’s husband loses his cool with lensman

London : Queen Elizabeth II’s 94-year-old husband Prince Philip was caught on camera losing patience with a photographer during events to...Read More

Transforming Adverse Conditions

WHENEVER anyone harms us, instead of getting angry we should try to see that person as a Spiritual Teacher and generate a mind of gratitu...Read More