A Life of Fearlessness

A Life of Fearlessness

Fear and danger are two diametrically opposed concepts. While danger is a situation that threatens bodily harm or suffering, fear is more...Read More


Pak lawmakers threatened for backing bill on forced conversions

Karachi : Police in Pakistan’s Sindh province have warned 13 lawmakers and a bureaucrat, who were part of the recently-passed Minorities ...Read More


Rajnath to Pak: Terror is weapon of cowards

Greater Noida : Making a veiled reference, Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday said Pakistan was indulging in a proxy war and has been ...Read More

10-minute walk break can  reverse vascular dysfunction

10-minute walk break can reverse vascular dysfunction

New York : By breaking up desk time with a short 10-minute walk, you can offset the harm that prolonged sitting causes to vascular health...Read More

Phosphate-rich food  can harm kidneys

Phosphate-rich food can harm kidneys

Washington : Phosphates artificially added to dairy and cereal products appear to cause more of an increase in blood phosphorus levels th...Read More


Oz woman with tattoo banned from breastfeeding

Sydney : An Australian woman who was tattooed after giving birth has been banned from breastfeeding by a judge who ruled it exposed the b...Read More

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