Solar music, Wireless router & more
Solar music, Wireless router & more

Solar music on its way?
Go to a well-stocked metro store if you want to know what gadget to buy. Or, today you have online choices too. But if you want to find that gadget-of-the-future, then scout around for ideas at!
But is not only about gadgets. It brings in many diverse ideas from different parts of the planet (though not all, because to suggest something there, you can be restricted by requirements about tax and location status.
Kickstarter has been called “the world’s largest crowd-funding platform.” Its goal is “to help bring creative projects to life.” It has seen some five million people funding more than 50,000 creative projects – from films, to music, stage shows, comics, journalism, video games, and food-related projects. This model traces its roots to subscription model of arts patronage, where artists would go directly to their audiences to fund their work.
That’s where I learnt about the ZingBox. The ZingBox describes itself as “a solar powered boom box”. It is being designed with a focus on audio quality and high sound output in a system with low power demands. There’s no need for tuning a dial, flipping over or rewinding mix tapes, or having to replace all those D-cell batteries. points out that this device will be solar powered — one big advantage. or better acoustics and sound reproduction. It can be used as an amplifier, as well as a music playback system. Nice if you’re spending a lot of time with your guitar outdoors.
It’s size? 20″x13″x10.5″ Or, quite large. So, what’s the catch? This is still under production. At the planning stage. It has got 48 backers, who have pledged nearly US$4800, and seems close to attaining its dream.

Do or die
Remember Betamax and VHS? Laser discs and DVDs? Nooks and Kindles? Blu-Rays and HD DVDs? Playstation 3s and Xbox 360s and WIIs? Zunes and Ipods? has this graphic which tells us about “the most famous tech and gadget battles of all time”.
We all know the winners of some of these battles. Hindsight offers us perfect vision; but were things so clear in the past? It only goes to remind us: you sometimes never which could be the winning horse, sometimes.

Fakes on Facebook
India and Turkey host the most fake Facebook accounts, media reports are telling us. Of the 143.3 false and duplicate Facebook accounts. A dubious distinction, eh?

Breathalyzers too
With gadgets becoming available online in increasing numbers and variety, you might be surprised what’s available for sale now. In India, a compact mini pocket breathalyzer LCD digital alcohol tester is available for Rs 1730. It’s hard to imagine who would want such a gadget though!

New ‘tools’
Design is growing, and new solutions are coming up. Found on the online space recently: a 11-in-one stainless steel multi-function pocket survival “credit card sized tool”.
It promises to help with your out-door survival. By playing the role of an emergency survival tool-card, that is easy to carry and practical to use. Its sellers call it “ideal for camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, trail riding, or just to keep in your car”.
It contains a can opener, knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, bottle-opener, butterfly screw wrench, two position wrench, saw blade, direction auxiliary indicator, four position wrench, key chain hole. And all this comes packed in just 24g at a price of Rs 372.

Wireless router and repeater
Technically, a repeater is an electronic device in the telecommunications field that receives a signal and retransmits it at a higher level or higher power, or onto the other side of an obstruction. This allows the signal to cover longer distances.
One is seeing more of these all of a sudden. Some are wall-mounted, offer LAN ports, and are “best” for wireless Internet. These come in different varieties, and the Wireless N router is considered to be more powerful than the Wireless G router.
Its installation is easy. Just plug the device into your power socket, and it should be up and running in a minute or two. Portable wireless routers can also act as an Access Point, which adds wireless connectivity to any existing wired network. Connecting this device to an existing wired router via the included Ethernet cable gives you the capability of sharing your network connectivity wireless with your mobile phone, tablet, IP camera, laptop, and other devices.
During a recent upgrade of some equipment, I decided to take my vendor’s advice and try installing the wifi repeater. It actually turned out very helpful, and the speed of my net access seems many times faster!
Costs? Depending on quality and specifications, between Rs2 to under 4k or thereabouts. The product weighs around 70g.

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