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Buying a windows laptop? Must have these 10 features


The invention of laptops and computers has revolutionized the economy in a major way. One of the most used electronic devices is a laptop. It is very helpful whether you are in school, work, or home. This is because it makes our lives significantly easier and efficient. Some years ago, the computer was the most used electronic device but has been replaced by laptops because they are compatible and handy. Computers are still being used widely but have been overpowered by laptops. A Laptop works just like a computer but is a smaller version of it and it is portable. There are many laptops available in the market today with different features and pricing. Because of the number of options available, it can be very difficult to choose the perfect laptop according to your budget. Since you can work online, bank online, shop online, and even earn online with the help of a laptop, it is necessary that you look at the most important features before buying one.

10 most important features of a windows laptop

As an important purchase and a necessary investment in your life, the price of the laptop should be on the top of your list. But you also need to keep features and functionality in mind suiting your professional, personal and other requirements. Chooseit suggests giving importance to the below mentioned features and recommends a focus on these when you purchase the best product based on your need.

● Size- when it comes to laptops, size is very important. Depending on what you want to do with your laptop, you should make sure to pick the correct size that fits your needs. Size is not like software that can be upgraded, once you buy a laptop then you can’t change the size and you are locked into it. Laptop sizes vary between 11.6 inches and up to 17.3 inches. If portability is more important for you then you should choose a smaller size laptop that is thinner and lighter than a larger size laptop. But if you are planning to do work that requires a large display and high graphic power then you should go for a larger size laptop.

● Keyboard quality- for long typing work, you would need a laptop that has a comfortable keyboard. You don’t want a keyboard that doesn’t have adequate spaces between the keys and has a bad display of characters because then the overall user experience can be negative. You should look for a keyboard that has a good layout with full-sized keys and has space around the keys. Also, a good keyboard should have a backlight that makes it easier to type during dim lighting. You should try using the keyboard of the laptop you are planning to buy to understand if you are comfortable with it or not.

● Screen quality- since you will be working on the laptop for long hours, you need a screen that is of high quality and comfortable to look at. You should get a laptop that offers a good resolution. If you want to have plenty of space to keep things in view and line up Windows, then you should get a screen with 1920x1080-pixel full HD resolution. Some laptops offer 4K resolutions. They are expensive and only worth it for people who are into gaming or content creation.

● RAM or Random access memory - allows multiple applications to open at one time and makes data accessible by the system at any given time. Having more RAM comes handy in increasing the performance of the laptop and makes it easy to do tasks like editing videos and photos. Nowadays you should buy a laptop with at least 8 GB RAM. If you are a power user, then you should get a laptop with RAM of 16 GB and if you are a gamer then you should buy a laptop with 32 GB RAM.

● CPU- it is difficult to find a windows laptop without an Intel core-based CPU. Intel core processor offers the best performance when it comes to multitasking. There are generally 4 types of Intel core processors. Core i3 based laptops are generally found in basic laptops whereas laptops with I5 make up the majority of regular laptops. Core i7 is found in the laptops that are very powerful and give the best performance. Some laptops also have core i9, which is even more powerful than core i7. These laptops can match the desktops in terms of performance, but they are expensive and have a higher cost than i3, i5, and i7 based laptops.

● Battery life- the battery life claimed by the manufacturer of a laptop is usually very different from the real battery life. There are many factors on which the battery life of a laptop depends on. The operating system of a laptop plays an important role in determining its battery life. Some other factors are screen brightness, screen resolution, number of applications running, etc. Before buying a windows laptop, you should look at the ratings of the battery. Higher the rating, longer the battery will last. For example, if a 13-inch laptop has a battery with a rating between 44 Wh and 50 Wh then it is considered very good.

● Storage- hard drives used to be very famous but these days a solid-state drive or SSD has become the standard for laptops. SSD runs silently and offers a lot more speed than hard drives. It can be installed in a form factor that doesn’t add weight and bulk on the laptop. It also increases the speed with which a laptop can load programs, access data, and reboot. SSD generally has a low capacity like 126 GB, 256 GB, or 512 GB and they cost more than traditional hard drives.

● USB 3.0- help in connecting hard drives and other external devices with a laptop. You should look for a laptop with USB 3.0 ports. USB 3.0 is faster than USB 2.0 that means transferring data over USB 3.0 takes less time. If you can afford an expensive laptop then you should buy one that has USB 3.1 ports. It is even faster than USB 3.0.

● Build quality- no matter how careful you are, it is probable than you will drop or knock your laptop sometime. You should buy a laptop with a high build quality. There are laptops designed to withstand falls and resist water. It is useful to understand the laptop’s build quality and check if it has gone under any tests.

● Fingerprint- people can get unauthorized access to your laptop by guessing your password but faking a fingerprint is not at all easy. If you can afford a laptop with a fingerprint scanner then you should buy it because it increases the security of the laptop and protects its data.

How to choose the perfect windows laptop?

Choosing the perfect laptop for you can be a tricky task. People use a laptop for different purposes thus different people require different features. This means that a laptop that is good for one person may not be of any use for another person. That is why some of the things you need to figure out before buying a windows laptop are:

● The first thing you have to figure out is a laptop better for you or a desktop. Laptops are portable, can perform many more tasks than a desktop, and save a lot of space. But it has a limited battery, can be stolen easily, can heat up if heavily used, and It is hard to build yourself. So you have to decide which is a better option for you.

● The second thing you need to figure out is your main uses of a laptop. People use laptops for many reasons but the main purpose of using the laptop has a major influence in your process of choosing it. Some of the major reasons you use a laptop are for schoolwork or office, web use, gaming, and Media production.

● The third thing you need to figure out is what are the main features that you are looking for in a laptop. Every laptop is different. Even two laptops that cost the same have different internal hardware. Therefore, it is important to understand all the features and specifications for every laptop you are considering to purchase.

● The fourth thing you need to consider is your budget. It will be helpful if you decide on a budget before you start looking for a laptop. There are many laptops of different brands available at different prices. You have to figure out what features you want and what are the brands that fit in your budget.

After figuring out these things you should read reviews of all the laptops you are considering to buy. Many websites provide detailed reviews of laptops by experts and customers. These websites help you choose the correct product for you according to your preference. Different websites have different standards of ranking laptops. This means that one laptop that is the best according to a review website may not be the best for another website.

Where to buy a windows laptop?

There are way too many laptops in the market today. You can buy a laptop in person in electronic stores or online. Some of the best websites to buy genuine laptops in India are,,, and

Please note: The article is contributed by Aisha Agarwal.

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