'You can't write a script for this': Viswanathan Anand thrilled after India wins its first Chess Olympiad
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On Sunday, India for the first time played in the finals of the Chess Olympiad. Like many other events across the world, this too has gone digital and thousands watched the Online Olympiad as the Indian team took on Russia.

Disaster however struck halfway through the match. In the second round of the finale, Nihal Sarin and Divya Deshmukh lost connection to their games and forefeited on time. India had then filed an appeal with the International Chess Federation

Eventually however, the situation resolved itself in a happy manner. India and Russia were declared joint winners and both teams will be awarded gold medals.

Following the news, many have taken to social media to congratulate the team.

"We are the champions !! Congrats Russia!" tweeted a jubilant Viswanathan Anand.

In an YouTube interaction on Samay Raina's channel, he noted that one simply could not write a script for such a sequence of events.

"Nihal and Divya's time were running out and they lost on time. We had made all these efforts. We had made sure there were no issues with internet and electricity. It soon became clear, it was a global outage which also led CloudFlare to crash" observed GM Srinath Narayanan in an YouTube interaction.

"I asked Alex if we should lodge an appeal. He told me to wait. I was initially anxious since there was a 15 minute window. We had a brief one para appeal ready. It went down to the FIDE president who decided that it was the most fair decision to declare India-Russia joint champions," he said.

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