Updated on: Friday, January 07, 2022, 05:53 PM IST

In the ambulance I'm thinking, 'Keep my boots, I won't play again': Denmark's Christian Eriksen recalls moments after cardiac arrest

Christian Eriksen celebrates. | Photo: Twitter

Christian Eriksen celebrates. | Photo: Twitter


Denmark's Christian Eriksen said that he had decided to never play football, after he had cardiac arrest during the Euro 2020 clash against Finland on June 12 last year.

"I remember the atmosphere. The white linen around me to shield me from view. I look up and see the fans singing. I get carried out to the ambulance. I remember that clearly," said Eriksen in a chat with Danish TV station, DR1.

'It's not until I'm in the ambulance that I realise I had been dead. In the ambulance, one of the paramedics asks our team doctor: "For how long was he out, three to four minutes?" That's when I realise I was out."

"In the ambulance I'm thinking, 'Keep my boots, I won't play again.' I tell my fiancee Sabrina the same, "I'm not going to play again, no way'."

Eriksen had collapsed on the field before being resuscitated by Denmark skipper Simon Kjaer.

"When I woke up from the CPR it was like waking from a dream. I was far away. I don't remember a thing, usually you remember bits of a dream, but I don't remember a thing from when I passed out," recalled the midfielder, who has expressed desire to play at the Qatar World Cup later this year.

Eriksen said that he felt great when the game began and didn't have any adverse indications of something happening and felt "normal".

"I remember [Joakim] Maehle's throw-in. I remember being hit by the ball and I passed it back using my shin. I felt a small cramp in my calf and then I blacked out," he stated."

I'm on my back when I wake up. I feel them pressing on me. I struggled to breathe - and then I heard faint voices and doctors talking."

"I'm thinking, this can't be me lying here. I'm healthy. My first thought is that I broke my back. Can I move my legs? I can move my toes, little things like that."

"I remember it all, except those minutes when I was in heaven."

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Published on: Friday, January 07, 2022, 05:53 PM IST