Updated on: Tuesday, October 05, 2021, 10:31 PM IST

Dhoni in no mood for IPL retirement after this season; CSK skipper hints at playing 2022 edition, says nothing like farewell in Chennai

MS Dhoni  | BCCI/IPL



Dubai: MS Dhoni has hinted at playing the 2022 IPL edition, saying he would prefer that fans get a chance to attend his farewell game in Chennai.

When it comes to farewell, you can always come and see me play for CSK and that can be my farewell game. You will still get an opportunity to bid me farewell, so hopefully, you will come to Chennai, I will play my last game there and I can meet all the fans,” said Dhoni.

Asked about his approach while using the Decision Review System (DRS), the 40-year-old said: “With the DRS, I have always kept it simple. DRS is supposed to take very bad decisions out of the game. It is not really for a 50-50 decision, a lot of times if it is the end of the innings, we take it for fun also even when we know the batter is not out. There is no point of keeping one review.”

Sometimes the bowler takes the call, which 80 per cent of the time is wrong so we have to be very careful when it comes to bowlers saying that the batter is out. You only need to commit the mistake once, I always put it back on the bowler. When they say the batter is out, you ask them whether they are sure,” he added.

Talking about how CSK is a process-driven team, Dhoni said: “We try to keep it as normal as possible, we try to prepare well by having enough. We are a process-driven team, we believe in the process and we know if we execute our plans and if we do small things right, we will get the results right. It keeps us calm to not think about the results. We know if we play to our potential, we can win most of the games.”

I think failures are a big part and parcel of life. I feel failures or challenges, it is what makes life more interesting. If it is plain and simple, you would not enjoy it. Sometimes you overcome them, sometimes the result does not go in your favour. But you learn that if you get in the same situation, you would not repeat your own mistake. I think challenges and failures teach you more than success does,” he added.

Talking about his approach in defending low scores, Dhoni said: “When defending a low score, it is important to realise why we scored a low score, is it because the wicket is not good or is it because we batted badly. Those are the two things we need to see first. More often than not, there are reasons why the batter has not scored runs. So it means the bowler has the opportunity to take the wickets.”

Dhoni's IPL stats before international retirement

Runs: 4432

Average: 42.98

SR: 140.59

HS: 84* (Twitter)

After international retirement

Runs: 284


SR: 106.97

HS: 47*

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Published on: Tuesday, October 05, 2021, 10:31 PM IST