IPL trophy
IPL trophy

The BCCI has laid down new set of rules ahead of the next IPL season to minimize errors in the game. The 2021 season of the biggest cricketing league in the world is set to kick off from April 9.

Here are the new rules stated by the BCCI For IPL 2021

No soft signal

The BCCI has decided to do away with soft signals in the upcoming season to avoid any confusion whatsoever and to give complete control to the third umpire to make a final decision. "on field Umpire giving Soft Signal while referring the decision to the 3rd Umpire will not be applicable,” states the updated rule for IPL 2021.

Umpire’s call will continue

The controversial umpire's call will continue to baffle cricket experts and fans in the coming season as well. “Umpire’s Call is the concept within the DRS under which the on-field decision of the bowler’s end umpire shall stand, which shall apply under the specific circumstances where the ball-tracking technology indicates a marginal decision in respect of either the Impact Zone or the Wicket Zone” said a BCCI official.

Only 90 minutes to complete 20 overs

One major change in the IPL 2021 is that bowling sides need to complete their 20 overs inside 90 minutes. Earlier, the teams were bound to start the 20th over within 90 minutes. For delayed or interrupted matches where an innings is scheduled to be less than 20 overs, the maximum time of 90 minutes shall be reduced to 4 minutes 15 seconds for every over.

Regarding this, BCCI stated, “as a measure to control the match timings, the 20th over in each innings is now included in 90 minutes, earlier the 20th over was to start on or before the 90th minute."

Third umpire to call short-run

Now, the third umpire can check whether the short-run given by the on-field umpires is the right decision or not and has the power to overturn the call. A match between Punjab Kings and Delhi Capitals last season saw the former losing the game after a controversial short-run decision was made. The Punjab management also made an official complaint after the game.

No-ball call

As per the updated guidelines, the third umpire can overrule the no-ball decision given by the umpire on field.


According to the new rules, subsequent super-overs can be played till an hour's time from the actual designated finish time in case of tied games.

With the new changes in play, IPL 2021 is expected to be even more engaging and entertaining.

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