How Indian T20 League enhanced the popularity of Fantasy Cricket

One of the few emerging trends from the time spent at home during the lockdown was the popularity of fantasy cricket. As per a survey led by KPMG, 77% of participants who have indulged in fantasy sports have engaged in cricket games over others. This shows that the rise of fantasy cricket is here to stay. And we can’t deny that there are various benefits of playing it, such as better concentration, focus, and improved coordinated skills.

It helps in switching off from the real world and building your own team (just the way you have always wanted) in a virtual world. Cricket is a very popular game in India and fans are more than ecstatic about beloved cricketers. The frenzy related to cricket even grew with the T20 league and we all know that fantasy cricket has been influenced by the same. The way the cricket-loving community has loved T20 is amazing!

It is needless to say that the Indian sports market is hugely dominated by the T20 league. Be it the impact on the virtual gaming world or getting thousands of sponsors, T20 is ahead in the game ever since its launch in 2008.

It has a huge impact on the fantasy cricket world as well. The event is even enjoyed by non-cricket lovers as it has a lot of glitz and includes Bollywood celebrities in it.

More room to run?

Now comes the million-dollar question - Will cricket be able to maintain its position in the virtual or fantasy game market?

We are not surprised that T20 has a huge impact on the online fantasy game market. Most of the rules are similar. Although the concept of fantasy cricket entered India back in 2001, it recently gained immense popularity due to the sudden lockdown.

People wanted to indulge in something that would help them relax amidst all the uncertainty and sadness. Other factors that contributed to its growth include a surge in smartphone usage, affordable mobile data, and the interest of people in fantasy gaming.

The concept is also not difficult to understand at all. You can check sites like to know more about the rules. MPL is one of the leading gaming platforms with the T20 cricket league being the most popular. It was first launched in 2018 with its headquarters in Bangalore. It is a safe site and a legal one as well.

All you need to do is to register and create a fantasy team based on real-life games and current forms of players.

A team loses or wins depending on the on-field performances of the chosen players. So be very particular when you choose players, such as the captain, vice-captain, etc. You have to understand that this is not a lottery – winning the game depends on your knowledge, skill, prediction power, and practice. It is not gambling!

You have to form strategies by keeping in mind the real format of T20 cricket. Both are complementary to each other. If you check MPL Cricket, you will understand how fantasy cricket is related to real-world T20.

It is better to select cricketers who are better at more than one skill. You should also keep in mind that the Captain gets 2x points and Vice-Captain gets 1.5x points for the runs they score. Thus, selection of players should be made carefully so that your chances of winning also increases.

Indian T20 League and Indian T20 Fantasy Cricket League: Similarities

Indian T20 fantasy cricket is meaningless without the real-life one. In the fantasy leagues, you actually have to play a game that is exactly a replica of real-life fantasy cricket. Your fantasy squad performance will also depend on how they perform in the real-world on the field!

If you have skills and enough know-how, you surely have an upper hand at playing the game. You also need to gain knowledge of the gameplay and be smart and quick enough to make changes at the last minute.

T20 is humongous and thus, the fantasy cricket world is also gaining from the size and scale of the game. You cannot ignore how IPL has taken over the market with huge banners promoting the same. The entire fantasy cricket league depends on the Indian T20 league. The Fantasy league has various awards as well, which you can check on the MPL site.

All you need to do is download the app, read the rules and regulations and start building your team. Look at the upcoming games and play according to your convenience.

Some of the unique features of the T20 game are the involvement of celebrities, the inclusion of foreign players, etc. The crowd is gaga about T20 and thus, they are so enthusiastic about the T20 fantasy games. It looks beyond domestic players, which adds some spark and uniqueness to the game.

The combination of domestic and foreign players is something to look out for. It is undoubtedly interesting.

Future of Fantasy Cricket

India’s online gaming industry is booming, cricket being one of the most dominating ones. It is taking over the gaming market because Indians are crazy about cricket. They truly worship the game. The industry is well-poised for growth owing to mobile phone usage, affordable net recharges, and excellent options.

The industry is expected to become a huge $5 billion one by next year. MPL is a fantastic platform to try your hand at an online T20 game. This genre is here to stay and enjoyed by millions of Indians.

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