Why are millennials burning out?

-- Kamlesh D Patel (Daaji)

There are so many external pressures in the modern world, especially for young people. The demand to succeed has never been so intense and immediate. We need more in less time. We need more now! Every second must be accounted for. And yet, what are we actually doing amidst all that busy-ness? And for what purpose?

No doubt young people are passionate about everything they do. But so often this passion is tied up with too much focus on external validation. It is human nature to feel good about great feedback, but validation is not something that is within our control. It is fickle. When the validation dries up, it can lead to frustration and subsequent burnout.

When we have the awareness of “Why am I here? What am I trying to achieve?” in every moment, along with love in everything that we do, it epitomises and signifies Heartfulness.

The spiritual and worldly aspects of life can be integrated masterfully. Not doing so is like a bird trying to fly with one wing. And that will be a tragic situation, leading to frustration, stress, anxiety, tension, and even depression.

We are always in chase of the ephemeral. We want to grab things, rather than become something. That is ambition versus aspiration. In aspiration, we want to become someone that everyone is proud of. It is an act of becoming.

Acquisition, on the other hand, will only make others jealous. Others can even be friends, but deep down we know that they are with us because of such-and-such a thing. That will again be a cause of frustration.

In today’s world, where so many people are struggling to establish themselves in society, and in their organizations, the inner guidance from the heart is very important. I’ll give you an example.

Everyone is chasing happiness, and there is nothing wrong in it.

Can you be happy if you are restless? You have to be at peace to enjoy happiness.

How can you be at peace? When there is harmony.

How can there be harmony? When you have a contemplative mind.

How can you have a contemplative mind? When your thoughts are focused.

How can you have focused thoughts? When you calm your mind. And that can happen only with meditation.

Join the dots – meditation promotes happiness. Indirectly, meditation will lead us to a state of inner happiness. A happy mind is more creative and productive. And that is just the beginning.

(The writer is a Guide at Heartfulness Institute. You can write to him at kamlesh@srcm.org)

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