Guiding Light: The power of Akash Namaskar

Akash is the tattva whose quality is known to us as Space or Ether. When you practice the Akash namaskar, you receive the blessings of this Tattva which gifts you with its own celestial qualities. You become a vessel that is eligible to absorb, to be filled to the brim.

Much like space that is infinite, having no known end, this Tattva namaskar gives the human the opportunity to expand and become limitless in their potential and their capacity. The Yogi who performs this namaskar can feel the element within them and through meditation can enhance, purify and strengthen its qualities within them.

This namaskar was formulated to pay our humble obeisance through a vinyasa of 36 counts. Some of the Asanas whose quality is Akash are Sarvanga asana, Dhanur asana, Adhwasana, Ardha Chandra Asana and Parvath Aasana to name a few.

This namaskar is most beneficial when performed in the vast outdoors, surrounded by nature. The dharna of Akash tattva must be your focus during the practice of this namaskar. Following this Namaskar with meditation will take the mind, body and spirit to a place beyond this physical realm.

Steps to perform Akash Namaskar:

1. Shavasana -- Corpse Pose

2. Parvatasana -- Mountain Pose

3. Ashtavakrasana -- Sage Ashtavakrasana Pose

4. Parvatasana -- Mountain Pose

5. Ashtavakrasana -- Sage Ashtavakrasana Pose

6. Parvatasana -- Mountain Pose

7. Adavasana -- Reversed Corpse Pose

8. Parvatasana -- Mountain Pose

9. Padahasthasana

10. Samasthithi

11. Hastha Uthanasana

12. Padahasthasana

13. Parvatasana -- Mountain Pose

14. Sukhasana -- Happy Pose

15. Padmasana -- Lotus Pose

16. Padma Mayurasana -- Lotus Peacock Pose

17. Sukhasana -- Happy Pose

18. Padmasana -- Lotus Pose

19. Padma Mayurasana -- Lotus Peacock Pose

20. Sukhasana -- Happy Pose

21. Adavasana -- Reversed Corpse Pose

22. Dhanurasana -- Bow Pose

23. Adavasana -- Reversed Corpse Pose

24. Parvatasana -- Mountain Pose

25. Bhoomi Pad Mastak Asana -- Feet and Head on Earth Pose

26. Parvatasana -- Mountain Pose

27. Ardha Chandrasana -- Half-moon Pose

28. Parvatasana -- Mountain Pose

29. Ardha Chandrasana -- Half-moon Pose

30. Parvatasana -- Mountain Pose

31. Dandasana -- Staff Pose

32. Akarna Dhanurasana -- Archer Pose

33. Akarna Dhanurasana -- Archer Pose

34. Sukhasana -- Happy Pose

35. Sarvangasana -- Shoulder Stand

36. Shavasana -- Corpse Pose

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