Guiding Light: The Ocean will never repeat its waves

-- Grand Master Akshar

Nothing like the expansive ocean to fill one with wonder and joyfulness, it has a great calming energy about it. As you may have observed when you are near the ocean, the gushing waves that come lap the sandy shores and recede. Have you ever wondered if the wave that came towards you will come again? Do the waves repeat their trip to the shore? Do they return? We all know that this is not possible, and this is the dynamic power of the ocean.

The great, the big ocean is ever-changing even though it stays in the same place. Just like the ocean that changes with every moment, so does our life in this existence. This only reiterates the fact that change is permanent and the only change is constant. Nothing remains the same as time shapes, mould and morphs everything that we can see around us. So if you are going through a dark phase of your life, just stop to think how each morning, the sun rises whistling a song of optimism and hope.

Like the very waves of the ocean, our days dancing to the tunes of time changing tides and dimensions. Every day is another chance for you to get things right and fill it with thoughts and actions that seem worthwhile to you. If you have this conflict within you, then go towards the ocean to see how the waves are continuously changing.

Practice Samudra Dhyan or Ocean Meditation as a way to adapt, adjust and accept the changing circumstances that are part and parcel of this life on Earth. Flow along with the moments much like the waves to witness how time washes away the past ushering in the new.

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