Updated on: Saturday, December 04, 2021, 07:11 AM IST

Guiding Light: Spirituality makes for a better hoverboard than a crutch


Have you often wondered why some people are able to glide through everything life has to throw at them, and some struggle even with minor conflicts? Our mental make-up, of course, has a lot to do with how we handle a conflict, but if that were the only determining factor, then we would all be prisoners of our respective destinies.

Spirituality gives you a deeper appreciation of the nature of life, that, like the seasons, nothing is permanent. If you find yourself in the pits today, chances are that you will be flying through the clouds tomorrow. Whilst it may start with this rudimentary understanding, the really useful insight is when you realise that given how impermanent everything is, trying to construct the house of cards that is your happiness on such shaky ground is only going to lead to disappointment.

Religion has been inextricably linked with spirituality in Bharatvarsha, perhaps because our wise ancestors understood these fundamental truths and the nature of the human mind well enough to be able to codify these principles into what we call rituals today. We might not realise why going to a temple uplifts your energy, especially if it’s a consecrated space, but it still works. This is the beauty of spirituality. It doesn’t depend on your belief or acceptance; it just works.

Eclipses are a great time for spiritual practices, as the sun, moon and earth line up, and today, a solar eclipse plays out in the heavens. Make a start when the going is good, for that’s when you can experience the immense possibilities. Find a teacher or a spiritual practice that appeals to you — meditate, chant, sing, serve, whatever floats your boat. Don’t leave it until adversity comes calling, for spirituality gets reduced to a mere crutch.

And stop chasing after that mirage of happiness, be it social media likes or indulging in brand battles with your friends! For what you seek is seeking you. And what you really need is already ensconced deep within you.

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Published on: Saturday, December 04, 2021, 07:11 AM IST