Guiding Light: Small steps lead to big victory

-- Grand Master Akshar

There are over 7 billion people that inhabit the Earth and every single one of us walks around carrying a heart full of hope, and ahead full of dreams. In order to make these wishes of ours come true, we have to play our individual roles out to the best of our abilities. From the moment we wake up to the second we go to bed at night, we are working only for the sake of some goal that we want to achieve. Only we know if we are playing our part to perfection or not.

Most of us never stop to wonder, or question if this path that we are on will take us to victory. Then we must understand that it depends on the choices that we make. Not just the big, important ones but even the tiniest of decisions and acts matter to realizing the larger picture. Like a horse with blinders on, we are trotting and galloping in a cycle of eating, working, sleeping, waking, etc. But are we mindful of everything that we are doing?

To be victorious, make sure that you keep your word. If you have made a promise to someone, no matter how trivial it might seem, try to uphold it. Whether dreams, aspirations or goals, it is a journey made up of a million steps all put together. In order to achieve what our hearts desire, we must first be clear about our actions. Any person can set a goal, but what is required is that you do not neglect the small things. Your words and actions are all part of the plan on the path to your victory.

Keep that commitment, fulfil that obligation and do what you have promised to do. Nothing is whimsical as you imagine in your head. People who fail to reach their targets do so because they think that only the big steps are important. By overlooking the smaller steps, they have lost much ground physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. The intention should be very clear, and you should follow it up with your action.

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