Guiding Light: Significance of Masik Shivratri

Maha Shivratri is one of the biggest festivals for Shiva devotees where they worship their beloved Lord and adorn the Shivaling with bilva leaves and flowers. There is another Shivratri, which is celebrated with equal fervour and holds a special place in the hearts of Shiva’s devotees, and that auspicious day is called ‘Masik Shivratri’. Masik Shivratri, which is also known as Jyestha Shivratri, falls on the 14th day of each month during the waning moon phase, Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi. Unlike Maha Shivratri, which is celebrated once in a year, the Masik (monthly) Shivratri (the night of Lord Shiva) falls every month, but the Shivratri, which will be celebrated today has a greater religious importance and significance.

The Masik Shivratri marks the divine convergence of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. It is believed that by worshipping Lord Shiva and Parvati together and observing this Shivratri one will be able to overcome all the obstacles in life and accomplish everything he/she wants to. This day can bless the devotee with ‘moksha’, peace and success, say religious scriptures and legends. It is also believed that Mahadev appeared in the form of Lingam on the midnight of Masik Shivratri.

The Shubh Muhurat of Masik Shivratri to perform the puja will begin at 11:53 PM and will end on 12:42 AM (June 9). By keeping a vrat (fast) on this day, unmarried girls can get husband of their choice. By observing this Shivratri, married women can ward-off sorrows and bring happiness to their married life.

Devotees observe fast throughout the day and visit Shiva temples, perform puja and chant Lord Shiva mantras or sing his bhajans at midnight. Shiva’s idol or the Shivlinga is worshipped on the day. They perform ‘abhishek’ with holy water and panchamrit, which contains milk, curd, honey and ghee. Offering vibhuti and rosewater is also a part of the ritual.

After the puja, aarti is performed with devotion and like every other puja ritual, prasad is distributed among every devotee who is present in the aarti. The puja is preferably done at the midnight. Along with blessing you with a suitable life partner and happy married life, Shiva can gift you a long and healthy life.

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