Guiding Light: Now is the time for a new world

The current political scenario across India clearly indicates signals of strong separatist forces at work in almost every political party. This dangerous trend of disintegration has affected not only the political parties but has invaded families and nations also.
However, one finds that adequate attention has not been paid to its causes and to the enormity of harm it causes to the society at whatever level it occurs. The phenomenon of split or the tendency of separation is in fact a combination of psychological symptoms, behavioural trends and thinking patterns and, therefore, is a kind of a syndrome. Thus, before the actual split finally occurs, there is an upsurge in one's conscious, subconscious or unconscious mind, of the forces of mutual dissatisfaction, distrust, disgust, hatred, intolerance and alienation.
This whole process starts when some ambitious or self-centred persons, in order to fulfil their strong desire for power, position, name and fame, money or material possessions, etc., begin to find fault with others and the latter act with the spirit of rejection, resentment, protests and abhorrence or contempt and the two sides thus disturb and disown each other and begin to assert their dissidence with greater vigour against the other.
Each side then begins to blame the other and paints its adversary in only black colour. In this situation, one is so much caught up in the whirl of levelling charges and counter-charges against the other that one is unable to get out of it even if his/her well-wishers try to help.
On the other hand, one's stand becomes too stiff and inflexible, as a result of which the mental and emotional disturbances increase and the forces of negativity totally vitiate the atmosphere. The results of such a tendency are catastrophic.
Unitedly, humankind can face even natural calamities and meet other difficult and great challenges, but disunity, disintegration, divisionism, separatism or 'each-for-himself' attitude does not only leave many gigantic problems unsolved but also it puts obstacles in the way of solving even smaller problems. If we analyse this trend, we will find that all this is due to the disturbance in the human spirit.
A restless spirit is prone to give rise to forces of de-stabilisation and cause distress. So, unless and until man learns to have inner calm, peace and learns to solve problems through spiritual knowledge and meditation, the turmoil will continue and will even escalate to the point of a serious human catastrophe.

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