Guiding Light: Meditate for good mood, sleep and memory

For the purpose of meditation, to generate good thoughts, to improve your mood and to enjoy better sleep it is recommended that you visit three special places. These places contain high vibrational positive energy that can transform your life for the better. These powerful places emit strong frequencies and include the region of the Himalayas, oceans, and forests. It is said that we must visit these places in a balanced way. When we are able to reach to these places with a clear heart free from guilt, irritation or any other negative emotion it is said that these places fill us with unconditional love and energy.

There are many activities that we can participate in when we are at these places. You can listen to the waves and sounds of the ocean and perform deep meditation for many benefits. You can even watch the waves with your eyes open for positive benefits. When you are in the forest you can sit beneath any tree and go into meditation. You can perform unique and special yogic practices like nature related meditation or practice postures like Tree pose in order to gain the maximum benefits of these places.

When you are on the mountain then it is suggested that you sit atop the mountain alone in solitude and meditate. Living in this society and in its conditions can cause many layers of grime to form over us. Meditating in solitude in mountainous regions can help to clear all these layers of dirt and reveal a brand new you. For the purpose of your soul’s growth and personal development, it is important to take such spiritual journeys and immerse yourself in yoga and other meditative practices.

(The author is a spiritual yogic master. Founder, chairman and course director of Akshar Yoga, and president of the World Yoga Organisation)

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