Guiding Light: Live alone

How does the thought of living alone in this world sound to you? To most people, it would probably give them a huge sense of relief. While some others may wonder if the world was made for this purpose? Living alone is not an arbitrary philosophy or thought. As per the practices of mountains- the great Himalayas, there is a purpose for which you must live alone.

The purpose is to prepare yourself. There is a lot of learning to be found through living by oneself. You will gain certain powers, you will gain an understanding of life, your mind will open itself up to different perspectives of your life and, there will be a greater acceptance of this existence. Once you are equipped with these powers, you will be changed forever.

You will find that even though you are with people, you are able to enjoy the contentment of solitude. Despite being in a crowded room full of people you know, you will possess a sense of aloofness and detachment from the rest.

For a better understanding, we can take the example of a lotus plant. The person who experiences this will live life like the lotus. The lotus effect is the ability of its leaves for self-cleaning. In this way, the lotus is almost waterproof, it does not allow water droplets to stick to it. Similarly, we can belong in this world without succumbing to its ways but rather still be independent of it.

Living alone enables us to enjoy our own company even while being in the middle of a crowd. To achieve this quality, go to a secluded place and live by yourself for some time. Or, you could go to a Master who will prepare you with all the attributes that can help you lead a successful life here. Having gained this knowledge, you can then return to the world to enjoy it with a better sense of balance and inner joy.

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