Guiding Light: Hope in the bhumi pujan

- Swami Brahmavidananda Saraswati

On 5th August, the foundation laying ceremony of the temple at Ayodhya, Rama janma bhumi puja was done. A whole lot of people are happy and rejoicing. Some are unhappy and apprehensive. Given the situation, let us not look at it as a Hindu religious event, which it is. It is not merely righting a historical wrong, which it is. It is not merely a Hindu victory, which it is. It is not merely Hindus reclaiming what was taken away from them a few centuries ago, which it is. It is not merely them asserting their heritage with pride and without any apology, which it is.

Let us also look upon this as a hope for the future that can happen without any malice in our hearts and with love and compassion for everyone. Let us also look upon this as a beginning to discover Rama – the one in whom all can revel, who is nothing but our own true nature. Let us look upon this as a hope for establishing Rama Rajya where the leaders embody the highest ethics.

Our country can be the place where the poorest can have justice and an opportunity to grow. This is exactly what is the best and the most beautiful aspect of ancient Indian heritage. That the rule of law, dharma as we call it prevailed over the entire country. It was the fundamental duty of the kings. The poorest of the poor had an opportunity to make a living. That justice was available without delay or bias for everyone irrespective of who they are. That everyone could have an opportunity for personal growth and finding fulfilment in life. This is what true Rama Rajya is about.

Let us hope that the Bhumi pujan for the Ram janma bhumi temple at Ayodhya which is his birthplace becomes the first step towards the goal I am talking. We may not see it during our lifetimes but as long as we are working towards that there is hope for the nation and the world at large.

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