man meditating on rock by sea
man meditating on rock by sea

Grand Master Akshar, Spiritual Guide & Yogapreneur

Before we begin to discuss God, how He fulfils your wishes or doesn’t fulfil them, or that of His existence, I would like to share an example with you. Do you remember your childhood days when you would ask your parents for a hundred things, how many items of the hundred did you actually get? And to how many things, did they say no to? When it comes to meditating for God, talking to God or asking God for divine favours, there’s one thing that is often forgotten. For every request, there are two options for answers- Yes and No. So if you have asked for something but haven’t received it, then it is clear that the answer you have been given is ‘No’. You must receive the ‘No’ with as much joy as you accept the ‘Yes’.

Living here as we do, given the time, place and circumstance, we too are denied various things because we are not well enough to receive them. But when you are ready, you will be bestowed with all the things that you asked of the Supreme energies. But if you start harbouring doubts, then this journey is going to become a very difficult one for you. Whether with your family, friends or even in your relationships, the second you start being suspicious, even if everything is fine, it will crumble down. In the same way with God, don’t ever think that He is not real. It is because God exists that everything exists, if He wasn’t here, then nothing would exist. This is a universal fact as written in many of the scriptures like Vedas, Shastras and in the holy books.

On no account should you doubt His existence. Even without being, He exists, which is why we are having a conversation about Him. To make your life beautiful and powerful, believe that a higher power exists who is watching over you. Call Him by any name that pleases you, if there is no name that you like, then simply call Him ‘Universe’ or ‘World’.

Whether wishes are fulfilled are not are all a play of Time. Your time will come and you will certainly be worthy and get what you wanted, so do not be dejected. Do not stop your prayers, instead become even stronger with your devotion. Increase your meditation practice, and you will receive everything that your heart desires. The Universe never stops anyone nor says no, it just takes a little bit of time! Keep faith, stay strong, have courage and keep moving forward.

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