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— Grand Master Akshar, Spiritual Guide & Yogapreneur

On this planet everyone is engaged in carrying out some activity or the other. Our days are occupied with the fulfilment of our sensorial desires. Over 7 billion people inhabit the Earth, and we all have our individual roles that we are playing. Only we know if these are roles that serve to satisfy ourselves or to satisfy the world. Many of us never stop to wonder, or question this path that we are involuntarily hurtling down on. Most of us are living out lives that are based on choices that were made for us by others. When was the last time that you paused?

In this whole journey of life, we are running like little hamsters on a tiny treadmill. We are engulfed in a mindless cycle of eating, sleeping, waking, working etc. But there comes a time in life when we sense a deep void within us. Described as existentialism, this is a phase where we question the purpose of our existence, and for some meaning in it. One way of living is to follow the conventional train of thought doing things without awareness, reason or thought. But is there more? When you ask this question of the universe, it can be said that you want more. This means that your spirit is ready for more. Your spirit is asking for something bigger, asking for the true purpose of your existence. Is there just one way of living or is there more? Do you have more options, and more opportunities to do something beyond the mundane? To this the Himalayas’ answer is that the time when you start thinking about the world, the planet, when you care for the peace of the world, and happiness of its people is when your spirit is connecting with a higher purpose. Find out how you can contribute to this existence with your best possible energies. The time when this happens you are with your higher powers. And the time when you are working for this divine purpose you are an awakened spirit.

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