Guiding Light: Choose wisely for yourself

-- Grand Master Akshar

Don’t let the darkness of ignorance cloud your emotions. Emotions work as a guide directing us towards paths that are conducive to our growth. If you conceal your emotions under the cloak and remain unaware of them, there is a lot you stand to lose. The most valuable aspect of our life other than life itself is time. Time is a precious factor that allows one to measure the rate of progress based on choices, and experiences.

Our emotions contain intelligence in them that act as a compass in this journey of life. When you ignore them, your life will be filled with regretful moments over your decisions. To turn this life into a successful one, you need to contemplate adding pauses at regular intervals. These pauses give you the opportunity to weigh your decisions on the scale of sensibility. Avoid blindly following the winding roads of this unique experience, and add deliberate thought to your judgements. This lackadaisical attitude does not bode well especially when you are on the spiritual path.

Spirituality asks that you remain vigilant, awake and alert. When you go with the flow, it becomes an existence that lacks the mindfulness it deserves. There has to be a certain amount of thought, reason and purpose to the way that you live. Your choices should propel you ahead with every step that you take. It is imperative that you learn to steer your emotions and intelligence through the proper channels for an optimal outcome. Let us take the simple task of walking down a street as an example to illustrate this point.

When you take a walk on the road, you have a choice where you can walk. It could be to the right, or left sides or even in the middle of the road. But you know the dangerous consequence of choosing to walk in the centre of the road. It is highly likely that you could be mowed down by a passing vehicle. It is your intelligence that ensures you walk on the pavements away from harm’s way.

Similarly too with life, you must pay attention to the path you choose to walk on. We all enjoy the freedom of choice that has been given to us generously. How we combine this sense of freedom with our level of intelligence will set the journey for us.

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