Guiding Light: Be with nature

-- Grand Master Akshar

Unbeknownst to us, mankind is increasingly becoming a prisoner of his own inventions. While it cannot be denied that the world has grown at a tremendous pace, what is the price that we have paid for it? Our lifestyle has seen a great change thanks to the dynamics of technology. Phones, computers, laptops, our gadgets and other expensive toys have affected the human way of living.

Even in the last decade, there is a world of difference in the way that we have begun to lead our lives. We have forgotten all about the natural world. We have ignored nature which is a vital source of energy, and required for living. We are cooped up in our concrete jails refusing to leave the glare of our digital screens.

For a happy life, the most important thing you need is nature. The natural environment is a powerful storehouse of energies. Without this energy, human beings would dry up and wither away. It is this resplendent nature that sustains us literally and acts creatively, as our muse. Practices such as yoga allow us to reconnect with nature and become a receiver of these energies. There are so many people who have not seen the moon for a long time.

How many of us wake up to appreciate the beauty of the rising sun? How often do you set aside time to catch the sunset? When was the last time you lay on a bed of grass and watched the sky? Without nature, human life is dreary and filled with a mindless race and chase for material gains. Nature is our soul and to live a vibrant life, we must become one with it. We have much to learn from nature that is worthy of our worship. Instead, we seem to have taken it for granted. Take the time to spend your day in a park or a garden at the least.

Admire the magical creation that surrounds us like a masterful painting, one that we certainly can never be able to recreate. Smile at the delicate butterflies that dance in the breeze flitting from flower to flower. Lie down and allow yourself to be swept into a state of wonder by the night sky. Watch the stars twinkle, listen to the birds coo and sing to each other and simply experience the living miracles that are in plain sight.

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