Guiding Light: Appreciate what you have

-- Grand Master Akshar

A wise saying states that there is enough for man’s needs but not for man’s greed. Do you know how much is enough for you? Every single person on this planet is in search of peace, and very often we are looking for it in all the wrong places. If being joyous is what you want, then you must first learn to stop running the rat race mindlessly. Stop to thank the universe for what you have.

Appreciating what you already have is sure to increase your sense of contentment. This makes the present moment feel whole and complete. If well-being is what you seek, then it is this sense of fulfilment which is a major factor in achieving that. In the path of spirituality, it is common knowledge that it is our thoughts that manifest our reality. Being grateful opens up many more doors of opportunity and good fortune that serves to nourish us, and create value in our lives. With this power of appreciative thinking, we are bound to succeed as individuals and to thrive as communities.

Exuding gratitude, we are surrounded by an aura of optimism. It is this that will attract divine grace towards us. When our outlook is based on cultivating what is best within us through gratitude, this enhances our experience of love, work, and play. By acknowledging what you have you can be assured that this will attract more people into your fold, and new opportunities into your life. Armed with the attitude of gratitude, you are inviting an abundance of love, adoration and positive energies.

Improve your existing relationship with your friends, family and colleagues by thanking them often. While this costs nothing, the gains are incredible. The law of attraction is especially applicable by activating the power of gratitude. By adopting this generous trait, you are making yourself eligible to pull towards you cosmic energies of abundance and well-being.

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