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Gayatri Mantra: Its origins, significance, and benefits

SSIO Malaysia Sathya Sai International Organisation’s in-depth discussion on this divine prayer, which originated from the Rigveda

We are here to talk about the Gayatri Mantra. Swami has emphasised so much on the power of this mantra and its benefits. With me is sister Sukanya Sivakumar who hails from India, and she has been in Swami’s institution for five years. She is with me to share the importance and benefits of this mantra.

My first question to you is, what is Gayatri Mantra?

Gayatri mantra is a very ancient mantra. It is said to be the most powerful of all Sanskrit mantras, a prayer to illuminate our intelligence. It is the torch to spiritual wisdom. It is the maha-mantra.

What is the origin of the Gayatri Mantra?

Bhagwan says that the Gayatri Mantra came from the Rigveda. He said that it was written by sage Vishwamitra. The mantra that protects the one who recites it is Gayatri. So, Gayatri is in its name itself.

Gayatri mantra is said to represent the effulgence behind the sun. Does Gayatri have a form?

Gayatri mantra is a prayer. It’s a prayer for illuminating our ignorance. Gayatri is elimination herself. However, because of the limitations of the human mind, it is difficult for us to focus on elimination. Hence we have to give it a form. It is a form with five faces. Nobody exists with five faces.

The five faces are symbolic. They symbolise the five lines of the mantra. 0m in the first face. Bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ is the second face. Tat savitur vareṇyaṃ is the third face. Bhargo devasya dhīmahi is the fourth face, and dhiyo yo naḥ prachodayāt is the fifth face. So, Gayatri is a form with five faces that symbolises the five lines of Gayatri Mantra.


Why is Gayatri given a feminine form?

Gayatri is a universal prayer. Vedas means intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and vision. Gayatri Chanda Sa Mata means ‘is the mother of’ She is the mother of intellect and wisdom. Since she is a mother, she has been given a feminine form. She is also called Savita. That from which everything else is born. A mother is a feminine person. This mantra has got three aspects which are present in all of us: Savitri, Saraswati, and Gayatri. Savitri is the life force, the very breath that we take. Saraswati is the goddess of speech, every word that we utter.


What are the benefits of this divine prayer?

Gayatri Mantra helps us in learning and gives us success in life. Our heart becomes pure. We should recite it three times while taking a bath and three times before eating our food. If we firmly establish it in our minds, we will be at peace no matter what we experience in our daily lives. The divine will guide us and give us knowledge, peace and wisdom. Bhagwan says, “The person who chants is relieved of all diseases and sorrows.” It bestows all that is beneficial to us. Listening to it purifies the listener.

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