Lord Shukra
Lord Shukra

Today (being Friday), we will try to understand the importance and significance of Friday. We will try to learn about the unique traits, personality and characteristics of people who are born on the fifth day of the week.

People who are born on Friday are ruled by the planet Venus, which is called Shukra in Hindu astrology. Individuals who are born on Friday are kind and benevolent. Apart from being cheerful, they are very affectionate by nature. It is seen that people who are born on Friday, have a strong inclination towards power and pleasure. Comfort and good fortune are the words which define Friday.

The day represents kindness combined with justice. Friday is regarded as the best day for creative people who are into arts, music, literature or anything which requires creativity. This day is also associated with knowledge, learning and intellectuality.

People who are born on Fridays should donate ghee, camphor, curd, rice, sugar or a white cloth to those who are needy. They should do the jaap of Shukra’s beej mantra: Aum Dhraam Dhreem Dhraum Se Shukraye Nameh. Those who are born on Friday should worship Goddess Lakshmi since she is the ruling deity of the planet.

Southeast direction is considered as the luckiest and favourable direction for those who are born on Friday. As far as the stone is concerned, they can wear a diamond or turquoise in the ring finger. It should be worn on Friday morning after doing the Pran pratishthan.

According to ancient Hindu scriptures, a person who recites the Shukra beej mantra for 6,000 times in seven days can fulfil his/her desires and wishes. The matra can bless a person with the power to solve and overcome intricate problems of life. The beej mantra of Shukra creates a thread that leads to success. It improves relationships. The divine mantra brings fortune and success.

DECODING TODAY’S DATE/ NUMBER 27: This is a combination of Number 2, Moon and Number 7, Ketu. This combination brings success and hence people those who are born on the 27thof any month achieve success in almost all their endeavours. They love socialising with people and are very devoted to their families and even to the organisations, they work for. Such people are emotional and intuitive. They develop stability and become successful on their professional front. They become independent, develop free will and can perform all jobs successfully. With proper planning, they accomplish their goals with ease. The combination of Moon and Ketu makes the person commanding and authoritative. They usually find partners with Number 9. They are focused and get what they want out of life.

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