TEDxStXaviersMumbai presents the "Unheard, Unuttered, Unknown"

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Date : 25th April, 2021

Time : 10AM-6PM

Screening On : PayTM Insider

Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

TEDxStXaviersMumbai is an inclusive academic space for path-breaking ideas pertaining to the process of global advancement and local community-building. The current global pandemic has reminded us of the significance of social connection and empathy. Our theme for this year incorporates three broad themes, and invokes uniquely human stories that are "Unheard, Unuttered, Unknown".

The Unheard

This section is for those who have a voice, but not enough people willing to lend their ears; those who have a story to tell, but not enough souls to acknowledge their struggles and victories. We want to create a space for these individuals to be truly heard and appreciated.


This concept is dedicated to those who are the victims of injustice, who are bearers of new ideas and unique creations, and yet do not have the resources or the platform to share their accomplishments with the world. We want to hear their ideas, their stories and their inventions and pass the mic to the undisclosed, the silenced and the unuttered.


This part of the theme probes into spaces that have stories and realities that are uncommon or unheard of, which will encourage us to venture into depths that we are yet to explore. Delving into the unknown will not only bring forward stories that make us reflect, but will also open up a possibility for a platform that is adaptive and inclusive of overshadowed lifestyles, cultures, conceptions and values.

Speakers for TEDxStXaviersMumbai :

1. Rustom Irani

Filmmaker and Disabilities Expert

Award-winning wordsmith, filmmaker, consummate traveller, disabilities expert and entrepreneur, Rustom has travelled to three dozen cities, speaks 7 languages, and smiles fluently in all. He is the creative chief of his Indie film company Monie Plant Productions and has contributed articles to multiple global publications while writing a dozen feature screenplays, hundreds of blogs, participating in marathons and breeding 54 dogs of several breeds. He achieved all of this on his own four wheels as he suffers from a neurodegenerative disorder- Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Rustom considers this just another problem to figure out, rather than let it relegate him to a life in confinement. In keeping with this spirit, he continues to offer solutions to make life more accessible for disabled individuals and helps transform the mindsets of ‘able-bodied’ individuals and organisations from disabled thinking to adaptive solutions.

2. Avani Singh

Social Entrepreneur

Founder and CEO of SpiceHealth, Avani’s socially responsible endeavour strives to make healthcare and diagnostic services accessible to all. With the help of her team of experts, she has revolutionised COVID-19 testing throughout the country by introducing more affordable RT-PCR tests via mobile laboratories. Today, they have conducted two million such tests across Delhi, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Kerala and Maharashtra, all within the span of 5 months, thus becoming India’s fastest growing COVID-19 diagnostics company.

3. Lorraine Gonsalves

Fashion Stylist and Blogger

Fashion stylist, blogger and entrepreneur, Lorraine started her fashion blogging journey back in 2016. She has worked and collaborated with many popular brands and artists. With determination, courage, and a lot of effort, her work has constantly challenged social norms and has broken several gender-role stereotypes, thus making her an inspiration for every young woman with a dream.

4. Rakshak Kumar


A scientist in the field of environmental microbiology, Rakshak operates from the CSIR Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology. His research group, “High Altitude Microbiology Laboratory,” explores microbial communities in extreme environments of the Himalayas to derive applications for society and industry. His major research area focuses on solid waste management in the Indian Himalayan Region. Recently, his team has helped improvise Himalayan dry toilets through the development of a microbial formulation, a boon for cold desert areas. The efforts made by his team have generated livelihood opportunities for 1150 households through organized clusters by the implementation of technologies like high vitamin D Shiitake mushrooms and enriched compost. It’s safe to say that Rakshak’s research on microorganisms embodies the fact that it is often the smallest thing that makes the biggest difference.

5. Sagar Shrivastava


A PhD student at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Sagar is currently working in number theory and representation theory. He did his Integrated Masters in Mathematics from NISER, Bhubaneshwar, and is now one of the members of the TIFR Outreach Committee which organizes Chai and Why on alternate weekends. Sagar has been doing origami for almost a decade and is enthusiastic about discovering the Maths behind folding patterns.

6. Mala

Football Coach

A 24-year-old football coach at various organizations, Mala is a determined, skilled, and passionate sportsperson. The eldest daughter of migrant factory workers, she grew up in precarious dwellings without access to basic facilities, where she felt constricted and would often fall ill. But she pursued her education diligently. Things changed when she joined the football programme at a non-profit organization. Her health improved with the right diet, and she became a formidable football player. She financed her BBA and MBA through a fully paid sports scholarship and even started the girls’ football team in her university. She has played in several national and international tournaments. Her idea of success includes taking a stand for oneself and making the right use of the opportunities that come one’s way.

7. Bhaskar Saha

Developmental and Clinical Neuroscientist

Assistant Professor at the Department of Life Sciences and Biochemistry, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Mumbai, he is a Developmental and Clinical Neuroscientist by training. Bhaskar has a doctorate in Life Sciences from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and is currently researching the effects of heavy metal (think zinc, not Black Sabbath) on the functioning of the nervous system. He is also a Tagore aficionado, and when he is not reviewing or publishing neuroscientific research, he shares his knowledge of Rabindra Sangeet.

8. Vani Sharma


A third-year student at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, Vani is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. An intrepid learner, she is incredibly passionate and enjoys knowing more about anything and everything under the sun. Aside from being an avid reader, she believes in tackling challenges head-on and is keen on engaging with the front-line realities of evidence-based policymaking.

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