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Updated on: Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 08:03 AM IST

What Would the World Be Like Without Node-js-training?


No, one cannot expect the world without a node.js. Are you a javascript developer? If yes, can you let us know what the best alternative to node.js in the current scenario is? Cannot, get one right?

Node js training is one of those programming languages that shines in all the real-time applications which can employ push technology over WebSockets. With the help of node.js, one can establish two-way connections, design real-time applications where both server and client can initiate the communication.

Most of the developers do not know much about the node.js in the right manner. There are not many alternatives to node.js currently. Node.js has become an integral part of developing and designing the javascript-based web applications, and the development has been grown to a state where it is not possible to design the applications without the help of node.js.

Here are a few things which show it is impossible for the world to develop applications without the help of node.js training.

No other platform comes close to Node.js

According to a survey done by node.js team, the node.js was the most downloaded application compared to other programming platforms. Here are a few stats from the website

● 2019–242,275,379 downloads

● 2018–3,689,855,988 downloads

● 2017–262,750,089 downloads

● 2016–177,214,920 downloads

This shows that node.js has a great demand, and this programming language cannot be replaced anytime soon in the near future. Also, the dependency for creating applications on node.js platform is increasing at a rapid rate, while the other competitors are left far behind in terms of creating real-time applications.

However, this popularity for the node.js has been propelled by the popularity of Javascript language.

No proper Javascript alternatives

With technology growing at a rapid rate, most of the companies, including small, medium, and large size, are upgrading their software applications else they are building new applications as per their requirement. These trends are affecting all small and big size industries. With the increasing requirement of software application development, especially CRM and other web applications, Javascript has become the standard programming language for building real-time applications for any organization. One can rarely design an application without dependency on Javascript. This percentage of development is very negligible.

Though a part of the web or mobile application can be designed without dependency on Javascript, but one cannot imagine an entire application being designed without the help of Javascript in it. Though there are other alternatives available in the market, none of them is close to Node.js features and output. Most of the tools available online today are derived from the javascript. For example, Typescript was derived from the javascript program.

Node.Js is the most used framework

Most of the mean stack and full-stack developers prove that almost all the developers are using the node.js and other related frameworks to develop any application.

Companies like Stackoverflow have studied that 67% of people use node.js for the web or mobile application development. On the other hand, Jetbrains stated that almost 69% of the applications are designed on the Javascript platform, and node.js falls under the majority of that category. A world without javascript is unimaginable.

Every Major Framework Supports Javascript

Node.js supports all kinds of framework like Travis, Angular, Angular 2, Docker, Nginx, Sqlite, MongoDB, JSON, jQuery, React.js, etc. It also supports backend programming, which makes it one of the most used platforms for developing the applications. In short, node.js is interrelated to each and every platform you would like to design your application on.

Before Node.js Javascript for Server-side was Unimaginable

Earlier, Javascript was used for web application development and also the User interface and Experience. The reason for continuing Javascript to use the web application was that javascript can be read easily by any browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

However, jQuery and AJAX were also big enough to design web applications, but they were only confined to the browsers. Javascript developers loved that fact that node.js can help with the server-side management as well. If there was no node.js in the picture, then either of these two would have happened:

● Companies need to depend on a developer who has to do back-end programming.

● Or companies had to design their application with the help of a new server-side programming language.

These two are the major reasons why companies have adopted node javascript in their application development. If a developer loves certain programming language, they influence their companies to integrate that programming language in their application development.

Javascript Package Managers

Node Package Manager is one of the largest software registry in the world with more than 3 million software downloads per week. NPM contains over 600,000 packages that can be used to build Javascript apps.

Node Package Manager is important for building javascript based projects and also several alternatives to it. In short, if the Node Package Manager does not work, most of the applications will not be able to run.

Node.js is open-source

There are a few platforms available for free of cost to code and build the applications. Node.js is one such platform which is available for free and is maintained by the Linux foundation. Similarly, there are other companies that sponsor these platforms like Microsoft for .NET, Oracle for Java, Zend for PHP, etc. There are a lot of co-sponsoring companies that are making significant changes to their coding and policies as well.

As the Node javascript has been moved to the Linux Foundation, it has earned a lot of respect in the eyes of developers. When there is a not-for-profit company backing up the management and development of a programming platform, it gives a lot of confidence for the developers to continue to adopt the coding and integrate it in many applications.

Node Javascript is standard for Enterprises

As mentioned earlier, there are very few technologies that the enterprise level companies try to adopt. Node javascript is one such technology. If any open-source technology comes into the market, it takes a long time to gain the trust of the enterprise-level companies. But, node.js has caught the attention of the developers and enterprises within a short span of time.

Every major organization now owns applications developed on the node.js platform. Some of the key reasons to use node.js in the companies are that it provides scalability, good performance, and the ability to support micrservices.

These are some of the reasons why we think that it is very hard to imagine a world without having node.js training. If you need a reliable and stable application for your business, then node.js is required for it.

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Published on: Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 08:03 AM IST