For some, music is an art form. For others, it is an emotional escape from the realities of life, both in celebration and melancholy. It bridges cultures and connects people beyond any other form of art. For Vin Bogart, it is a way of life. Raised in Los Angeles, Vin Bogart is a producer, singer, and songwriter who grew up in Los Angeles. After following a standard pursuit of going to college and studying physics, Bogart doggedly worked on music in his off time.

While attempting to break in the entertainment industry, he got a job as a music video director, shooting for various artists in the Los Angeles scene. Not long after, he switched gears and worked in a tech company in order to pursue his passions as an entrepreneur. However, like a siren in the seas, music kept calling him back to his passion.

The Independent Path: After leaving the tech company, Bogart went full time into music, producing his first EP titled Soul, chronicling heart-break, spirituality, and a tender approach towards a love-centric view of the world. The EP generated a small buzz in the local community, earning him enough support to provide some traction for a virtual reality music video that opened his music to a new fanbase.

Breaking genre limitations: Bogart emphasizes the importance of going beyond the bounds of genre limitations, which is a new phenomenon brought on by the advent of the new form of music consumption. By tapping into a variety of instrumentations, including acoustic guitars layered atop synths and low end rumbling bass sounds, Bogart embarked on his recent project in 2018, a multi- volume project called The Way. Continuing on his experimental style, he taps into various genre and crafts a unique sound that is as diverse as it is meaningful.

Kindness as the supplement for songwriting: By combining a diverse set of philosophies, similar to the approach towards his production, Bogart writes lyrics that emphasize the importance of loving-kindness and compassion. Songs like ‘Only Way Out’ and ‘For Love’ help highlight the importance of selfless love as his core tenet. By using this form of lyricality, he believes that he can help people see the importance of goodness as a concept rather than material things

It begins to payoff: After the release of the first project, The Way, the genre- bending songs with the spiritual-themed songwriting began to pay off. Thanks to modern streaming platforms like Spotify, Bogart was able to independently gain fans in over 65 countries.

He is currently working on releasing his next series of projects and is appreciative of the modern era, due to advances in web-based platforms that enable hard to categorize independent artists like himself to gain a foothold in the industry. As for his plans for the future, he is currently producing a series of music videos and a new batch of untitled projects following in the same vein of his prior works: transcend genres and spread love.