Chitransh Jain is 24 year old founder of leading music portal ‘Singing Sensations’ based out of Jaipur. His expertise in digital marketing has helped many singers, actors and YouTubers like Varun Pruthi, Gaurav Gera, Isha Koppikar, Ashish Chanchlani, Gajendra Verma and many more.

Chitransh who is a CA drop out, took up a business idea that revolved around what he has always loved and that is Music. He chose his own path and created this portal which has been recognised by many big names in the industry. To this he says, “No matter if today your singing voice is hidden from the real world, but tomorrow it can be published and bring up to the notice of millions. It is a well-known fact that India is full of young and talented singers with quite mesmerizing melodious voices. “He adds,” But they require the right professional guidance and direction that can perfectly shape their singing talent, also the right platform to channelize their latent talents to the best across the globe.”

This aptly describes the journey of an entrepreneur Chitransh Jain who kept on doing the things he loved, which also transformed into a career.

In order to support upcoming talents, he started ‘Singing Sensation: Platform for Unheard Talents’.
A voice so pure and beautiful that can take all your discomfort away in a flash is worth everything. At Singing Sensation, it is believed that it is not a singer’s loss if songs don’t reach to the people, but they are the people who are in loss and failed to enjoy the soothing and calm experience, which in our busy life is something priceless. That’s why they value the fantastic talents across the country and believe that every voice deserves to be heard, it’s their loss every time a talented voice goes unheard.

He never thought that this idea will become so big, receive appreciation and support from so many people, and almost an equal amount of Criticism. When appreciation took him high criticism sometimes broke to the core but he got up and did it again and again until Singing sensations became a dream for others as well.

The music fraternity of India like Asha Bhosle Ji believes that this portal will give opportunities to many, she mentions that, “Today nobody supports or promotes the independent artist and as a consequence good talent suffers. I am extremely happy that Singing Sensations is supporting and giving them a platform for promotion and my full support is with them.”

‘Big’ people don’t want new artists to rise up. This platform gives every music lover a chance to showcase their talent. But I guess ‘BIG’ people only want their ‘TV SHOW’ platforms to introduce new talents to the world. – Varun Pruthi

My dear friend Chitransh Jain is coming up with a portal named Singing Sensations with no big intention than making the beautiful voices reach masses, with this portal he wants to create a platform for amateur artists to get some visibility. – Mohit Gaur

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