Why practice Law when you can help people build up their personality? Shape them and bring out the best in them. This story is of a guys who eventually bowed out of his profession in lieu of his passion.

Say hello to Karron S Dhinggra, a.k.a The Formal Edit who began his career as a corporate lawyer is now a one of the top male Men’s Lifestyle Influencer in India. Two years and more than lakhs of religious followers, Karron uses his blog The Formal Edit to express his emotions for fashion/lifestyle and to influence the world how even they can express to their outer world by proving them solid style and grooming ideas which articulates their personality and give them the right edge.

The perfect combination of urban clothing and classic silhouettes describes Karron’s unique style. Let’s get familiar to this guys who has been named as king of formal dressing and has been teaching youth out there grooming hacks within their budget.

Within no time, his fashion updates on how to experiment and make people aware about latest fashion trends made him popular among youth and stand his blog out of the crowd!

Karron S Dhinggra, a surreal journey of a Lawyer turned Social Media influencer

Talking about his journey he says, My blog – The formal Edit provided me the platform to speak to the world, helped the youth to enhance their personality and motivated them. I have realized there are many men out there looking for proper guidance and insight to overcome their obstacles and reclaim power.”

Fashion and lifestyle tips during meet & greets, style and grooming session to address and cope up major issues like aging, body shaming, fitness, lack of confidence in youth is what Karron is currently focusing on! “Self- confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it,” Karron says.

Karron has also broken many tradition and stereotypes norms, through his blog The Formal Edit- that grooming is only associated with the females and clashes with the idea of a well groomed up man. He, embraces the fact that looking good leads to feeling good – and confident about yourself and it’s essential for success and a confidence boost.

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