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Updated on: Monday, August 31, 2020, 04:27 PM IST

How Indian non-profit organizations accept donations through Donorbox

How Indian non-profit organizations accept donations through Donorbox

How Indian non-profit organizations accept donations through Donorbox |


Nowadays non-profits have a broad array of options whenever any organization plans to initiate online fundraising. And here Donorbox comes into play. Many organizations from different parts of the world are using Donorbox’s fundraising software in order to raise funds.Before proceeding further, let us know first about nonprofit organizations!!

Non-Profit Organization
A Non-Profit Organization is one whose ultimate aim is to work for the social cause rather than profit. The main aspects of nonprofits are accountability, trustworthiness, honesty, and transparency to every person who has invested its time, money, and faith in the organization. Such organizations are solely accountable to donors, funders, volunteers, and the community of people who have worked for it.After giving services successfully in 45+ countries of the world including the United States of America, UK, Australia, Germany, Donorbox has now started serving nonprofit organizations in India too.

About Donorbox

Donorbox is one of the most efficient and reliable fundraising systems that helps organizations to raise more funds and promotes fundraising campaigns to establish relationships with donors in the long run.
Many fundraising professionals have accessed the services of Donorbox in order to raise more than $250 million in donations. Donorbox is supporting many Indian nonprofit organizations in raising funds for a lot of noble causes like Women empowerment, children education, domestic violence, the betterment of orphanages, churches, mosques, and temples, etc on the national and international levels.

How Donorbox helps Indian nonprofit organizations?

Donorbox made its existence realization in India in early 2020 for the very first time when the outbreak of Coronavirus just started hitting the world. But there is no denying in saying that, In a very short period, Donorbox has come up with a huge sense of responsibility and helped to manage a variety of NGOs which mainly includes Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project,, and many more. There was no looking back after that.

Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project
Donorbox proved to be a great helping hand for Shanti Bhavan in supporting the education of students. The organization runs a pre-K-12 residential school in Baliganapalli, Tamil Nadu. The major thing which makes this project different from others is that, under this project, Students live and study at Shanti Bhavan at zero cost and are provided with quality nutritious food, shelter, education, sanitation, medical facilities, clothing, and emotional and mental support. Here the hygiene conditions of children are fully taken care of.
Even after schooling, Shanti Bhavan also manages to cater to their college education. It helps them to get employed at reputed firms and organizations after completing education.
Whenever a non-profit organization starts working for a noble cause, then the major restrictions which usually irk them are to maintain secured and sustainable long term funding.
And Do you know that exclusively has raised more than $1.44 million for such a noble cause like Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project? - Isn’t it great?

Masks for India has done a big social
Not only this, but Masks for India is also another such noble cause for which Donorbox has been offering its services. India has a huge population and congested areas with slums and crowded places where maintaining social distancing seems next to impossible. But youth is crucial for any country’s economy. So maintaining their health is the topmost priority right now for the country. Masks are the most effective way of limiting the risk of transmission.
So here Donorbox lends a helping hand for Masks for India that provides masks and vital daily supplies to the most endangered communities. The fundraising software, Donorbox has helped MasksforIndia in achieving its fundraising goals effectively.
It also lends huge support in the diversification of facilities in the health sector, as well as frontline service providers. Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project, are obvious noble causes for which collaboration seems to be very fruitful on social welfare grounds.

How Indian non-profit organizations accept donations through Donorbox?

  • The Donorbox has an amazing working pattern. The most attractive part is -” it’s engaging and simple to use interface”.

  • This platform merely takes 10-15 mins time for the whole setup. It is easily accessible and helps in attracting more and more donors.

  • Nonprofits who want to raise funds quickly, for them, Donorbox acts like a boon and a one-stop destination where all their needs are taken care of under the expertise of a well-trained team.

  • It comes with a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-use software platform and makes sure that it is readily accessible to everyone.

  • Do you know - How it actually happens? It is because of its superfast technology and the processor that smoothens the entire process.

A good donation software is a basic requirement for all nonprofit organizations. A quality donation software is an ultimate source for nonprofits to raise more and more funds. In fact, a survey was conducted on 1000+ organizations that proved the effectiveness of leading fundraising software like Donorbox.

How Donorbox provides effective donation software for fundraising?

Donorbox provides a lot of effective tools that help in maintaining records. Coding and filtering donor records have never been so easy. This software helps in creating and maintaining a database with a centralized approach that helps in maintaining the donors’ relationships with the concerned nonprofit organization.Its transparency and reliable tools of fundraising make it unique among others.
Check out the amazing features of Donorbox that help Indian nonprofit organizations in raising more funds quickly in a short span of time.

  • Quick checkout

  • Marketing of campaign under the expert guidance

  • Safety and security as it comes with SSL/TLS security add-ons

  • Smooth communication for new projects

  • Integration with the donor management team

  • A dedicated section called Custom field that helps in handling queries of donors effectively.

  • The Donorbox donation software does not keep card or bank details.

  • Reach to several channels that help to raise more funds.

  • It helps in providing a better report to help in decision making and share with the board.

  • Its dedicated fundraising CRM software is specifically designed for nonprofit fundraising.

Donorbox has definitely been a great method for many nonprofit organizations worldwide in raising and maintaining funds, having a strong relationship with their donors, and keeping pace with long-lasting funding.
So if you are a nonprofit organization and want to raise funds online then you can trust Donorbox blindly. Donorbox effectively works in India with many amazing and noble services. Go and check out Donorbox for your next fundraising event. You can trust them blindly.

So boost up your online fundraising presence with Donorbox without giving a second thought !! Share your feedback in the comment section.

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