Pasta pizza by Domino's
Pasta pizza by Domino's

Domino’s recently unveiled its latest range of pasta pizza for the first time ever in India. and this move has taken many pizza lovers in the country by storm. A truly unique Italian fusion, the all-new range of Pasta Pizza leaves your taste buds in awe, courtesy of its completely distinct flavour. The beauty of it is that the burst of flavour stems from ingredients that you’re already familiar with but they merge so well together that it creates a completely new experience.

The best of both worlds

For those who are constantly caught up in the tussle between Pasta and Pizza, they no longer have to pick between them. The creaminess of pasta meets the cheesy deliciousness of pizza in the Domino’s all-new Pasta Pizza range. One of the best parts about it is that the pizzas are loaded with 100% real mozzarella cheesy goodness that gives them a soft and creamy texture that simply melts in the mouth.

This range features two yummy flavours - Creamy Tomato and Moroccan Spice Pasta Pizzas that come in both veg as well as non-veg variants. Starting at just ₹99 each, you can get these delights at Domino’s restaurants nearby.

Rich creaminess in every bite - Creamy Tomato Pasta Pizza

The perfect comfort food that one can wish for, Creamy Tomato Pasta Pizza comes loaded with delicious pasta cooked in Marinara sauce and veggie toppings like green capsicum, crunchy red and yellow bell peppers and exotic black olives that give it all its flavour. The meaty variant of this pizza comes loaded with chunks of BBQ chicken in place of olives.

A truly spicy affair! - Moroccan Spice Pasta Pizza

A real treat for all spice lovers, Moroccan Spice Pasta Pizza has been specially curated for the Indian palette because everyone knows that Indians like it spicy. The veg variant of this pasta pizza is smothered in a spicy Harissa sauce that gives it its signature spicy flavour and is topped ith delicious pasta. Meat lovers can opt for the non-veg variant that additionally features Peri Peri chicken chunks.

Get the party started with Party Specials!

Planning on having guests or friends over? You would need more than pizza in that case. The Pasta Pizza Party Specials combo would be perfect for such a scenario as it comes with a medium sized Creamy Tomato Pasta Pizza, Tikka Masala Pasta and a bottle of Pepsi. Place your order from a Domino’s pizza near me for a good time.

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