Value drives business today. It helps your organization improve its customers’ lives, which in turn leads to building of trust and stronger relations. Value gets more importance than your popularity or what you sell.

Everyone talks about adding value. But what is it really?

If you draw two circles where one depicts what you offer and another depicts what customers need, value is the intersection of both these circles. The larger the intersection, the more value you offer to customers and the higher your organization’s profitability remains.

Customer demands have increased manifold today mainly because of two reasons:

  1. The wide variety of choices available to them.
  2. The constant speed of innovation in the marketplace.

Thus, to provide value and maintain strong relations with customers, you have to keep up with the tide, if not stay ahead of it. To do so, leveraging technology has become essential. According to an HBR poll, 87% of executives said having the technology and infrastructure to study customer experience is crucial to making improvements and delivering value at a high level.

This technology is available to you in form of a mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

What is Mobile CRM?

A mobile CRM software is an effective tool that provides users access to complete customer data and CRM experience on their smartphones, tablets, and internet-enabled mobile devices. It helps sales teams stay updated with what’s happening, sell faster on the go. It also enables businesses to provide better and quicker customer service outside working hours to keep their customers satisfied.

A mobile CRM software goes beyond what desktop CRM applications offer. It comes enabled with features like real-time geo tagging, updating document, logging notes, route planning and working offline as well.

Is a Mobile CRM Important?

It is if you want to grow your business.

The ubiquitous presence of mobile devices means your customers now expect information from anywhere at any time. And plethora of choices they have has made them impatient. Customers now expect responses and service from sellers in under an hour.

A mobile CRM will enable your sales and customer service teams to deliver on all these aspects and more. Here are four ways in which a mobile CRM will benefit your organization.

  1. Increased Productivity of Your People

A mobile CRM app enables your people to carry out a lot of important tasks when they’re away from their desks or on the move. They can:

  1. Access and update statuses on leads and customers
  2. Connect with prospects using click-to-call
  3. Plan their route to optimize their time
  4. Stay updated with customer tickets and respond to them real-time
  5. Access dashboards and plan their next step

And much more.

Your sales team and customer support team will benefit from access to customer data real-time and be able to action pending issues faster. Plus, you can track their performance from anywhere, effectively running your business on the go.

Companies that use a mobile CRM see 65 percent more salespeople achieve their sales quota. Connect with us to know how our mobile CRM app can boost your sales performance.

  1. Enhanced Data Security

Data security and privacy are essential in today’s times. Customers’ data is as valuable as their orders and organizations are taking strict measures to ensure that this data remains safe. Yet, the number of data thefts are increasing with each passing day, leaving organizations wondering how secure their data really is.

A mobile CRM software can help solve this challenge in many ways. Two of them are:

  1. Multiple layers of security: Modern cloud-based CRM tools like Enjay’s mobile CRM software come with multiple layers of security. The first level of security is handled at the cloud-level. The second level is offered by the provider of the CRM tool.
  2. Control of data access: An admin can limit the visibility of information to people and give them access only to as much information as they need. Thus, sensitive information like payment details stay secure.

Keeping your customers’ data secure increases their trust in you, which translates into repeat business. Find out how Enjay’s mobile CRM app will increase your customer’s data safety.

  1. Increased Repeat Orders

We’ve already discussed how customer relationships play a key role in this age of cutthroat competition. Buyers rank trust as the single most influencing factor in a relation with a seller.

Satisfied customers give repeat orders. All they expect is for organizations to deliver on their promises, fulfill their needs quickly and maintain long-lasting relations.

A mobile CRM software makes your organization capable to deliver on all these metrics.

Such systems provide insights and analyses that empower your teams to track the customer buying cycle – purchase frequency, products purchased, and so on. Using these insights, you can build an opportunity grid and connect with customers before they place orders.

When customers see you as proactive, they trust that you have their best interests in mind. The result is increased orders and references, and savings in marketing costs.

79 percent leads fail to convert into sales in businesses without a CRM. If you don’t have one yet, don’t miss out. Connect with us to know how Enjay’s CRM tool can help your business increase its turnover.

  1. Enhanced Return on Investment

The Forrester Group polled 2,000 employees who used a CRM app to find out whether a CRM software really contributed to increased business opportunities. They found that when the system was properly integrated and optimally used, the RoI exceeded a whopping 245 percent!

Their research further highlighted that using a CRM application increased:

  1. 50 percent improvement in productivity of teams,
  2. 74 percent improvement in business relations,
  3. 40 percent reduction in customer service labor costs,
  4. 10 percent reduction in consultation time.

On the balance sheets, these numbers don’t translate into direct revenue. But this additional time and effort invested in productive tasks has a direct impact on your company’s topline and bottom line.

Summing Up

Selling today can no longer sustain on the old book-and-paper methods. Technology must be leveraged to maximize your sales team’s performance and organization’s ability to fulfill customer demands.

If mobile is not part of your strategy, it’s time to follow the old saying: The best time for six months ago. The next best time is NOW!

Disclaimer: This is branded content.

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