Pritesh Khare, engineer turned voyager is changing the face of India via India voyage

Engineer turned Entrepreneur turned Voyager, Pritesh Khare is a 26 year old boy from Indore who went on an unconventional mission of exploring his city and state after completing his engineering with a purpose to attract more and more travellers to Indore and Madhya Pradesh. It is said that “Little Drops of water, Little Grains of sand make the mighty ocean and a pleasant sand” all this also started with an instagram page Indore Voyage, Pritesh started in his final year of engineering and was so passionate about it that he chose not to join the company he was placed in and continue his passion. He started travelling, Photography, writing and research. He would roam around the city with his camera and diary. Initially Indore Voyage had no commercial model but Indore Voyage became one of the most popular content creator brand of Indore and Madhya Pradesh. This also resulted in Pritesh and his team of Passionate “Voyagers” winning the National Award Of Excellence 2017 for the amazing work. Pritesh started campaigns like Library of Humans, The Paparazzo and Prodigies of Indore that became popular across the town. For the commercial upliftment Indore Voyage became a media marketing firm and a one stop solution for all kinds of creative needs of his clients like Decathlon, Sayaji Hotels, Pepsico, Ice kraft international and other local brands. Indore Voyage’s videos went viral on youtube with more than 250k Views.

To satisfy the urge of concerned book readers Pritesh turned Indore Voyage into a Half Yearly Coffee Table Book that consisted of all the filtered content from Indore Voyage related to travel, food and lifestyle. After Successfully publishing 4 issues of Indore Voyage magazine and being the first media organisation to have done research on the misunderstood history of Indore, Pritesh received token of appreciation from various personalities and organisations and the award of Best Destination Blogger in 2019.

Indore Voyage became popular amongst travellers and bloggers of not just India but of different countries and so as the Voyager. Pritesh could see everything like the way he wanted it to be but everything was restricted to Indore and hence he planned to work beyond his turf towards a bigger goal with the same objective he converted Indore Voyage into India Voyage in May 2019 with a mission of exploring all the 29 states of the country afresh. Pritesh has vigorously started the chapter and is on the Voyage of India now. Also the new book is coming soon that has chapters of Manali, Konark, Jaipur , Agra, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai etc.

Adding to this Pritesh said that Indore Voyage never stepped into Food Reviews as there were enough food blogs about Indore and doing similar things is not my cup of tea. Now, that the platform is big I would get to explore a new and comparative side of food. India Voyage is starting a tile of food reviews and research as well.

Pritesh believes that the reason he is able to follow his passion is his loyalty towards what he is doing- Most of the bloggers, writers and influencers are not even writing or doing any justice to the content as there is no research involved, one can step into any field and earn money easily but acceptance and good will comes with knowledge and authenticity. He believes that It is about the Journey and not the destination.

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