Gift of organ from 26-Year-old girl saves three lives

On the day the nation was busy celebrating the festival of lights, a heart-touching incident of humanity helped save lives of three people in Kolkata. Parents of a 26-year-old woman, Debolina Ghosh, who was admitted at AMRI Hospital, Dhakuria, decided to donate her organs after she was declared ‘brain dead’.

Debolina suffered from congenital hydrocephalus (a serious condition where fluid accumulates in the brain’s cavities and puts pressure on the organ, causing a variety of complications). She succumbed to the disease at AMRI Hospital-Dhakuria, the best hospital in Kolkata on the evening of November 7, 2018, after spending around three days in the hospital.

Debolina, who beamed with a bright smile from all her photographs, was declared ‘brain dead’ at around 6:30 pm. When the rest of India was celebrating Diwali, Debolina’s parents decided to make the festival brighter for others, by donating the heart and other organs of their daughter. Her father, Arun, and mother, Krishna, wanted to ensure that even after her death, their daughter could help others get a new lease of life.

The Kolkata Police helped facilitate a green-corridor to ensure that the process of transplant of Debolina’s critical organs. Her organs were transported to the destinations where the transplants were to be done.

Debolina’s heart went to a young woman, slightly older than her. Her kidneys went to save the lives of two different persons, and her eyes would help bring back sight to two people. Mr and Mrs Ghosh decided to donate their daughter’s organs because they knew Debolina would live beyond her life.

“We at AMRI Hospitals salute the spirit of Debolina and that of her parents for helping to spread the joy to the lives of others. We hope more people would come forward to pledge their organs so that others may live a better life. They will take a cue from Mr and Mrs Ghosh and spread awareness about organ donation”, Mr Rupak Barua, Group CEO of AMRI Hospitals said.

Organ donation after ‘brain death’ in India is gaining momentum but only in a few states. Lack of awareness, infrastructure for transplantation and political will, as well as myths and misconception, often act as a barrier to organ transplant in various states in India. Globally, Spain leads the world in deceased donor donation programs with the national average of 38 per million of the population.

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