5 Essentials of a Chauffeur Driven Car

The traffic condition in metropolitan cities is leading people to hire chauffeurs for their cars. Not wanting to sit behind the wheel is a preference of many people around the country. Whether it’s because of the traffic, road behaviour or simply because they don’t want to stress out – chauffeur driven cars can be seen plenty.

If you own a car and have hired a driver to take you or your family around, chances are you have some concerns. Maybe your car is expensive, or you just want to keep an eye on your driver when he’s chauffeuring the kids or your wife around. From installing a dash cam to having documentation in order – there are some essentials you definitely need for your chauffeur driven car.

  1. Car Security Device – Dashcam with a Difference

Dashcams are necessary for today’s day and age. Whether for insurance claims, accidents or to protect against road rage – dashcams are truly helping car owners. However, regular dashcams don’t work in chauffeur driven cars – especially if you need to keep an eye on the driver. Traditional dashcams don’t monitor the inside view of the car and lack a live real-time feed.

5 Essentials of a Chauffeur Driven Car

To address the issue and truly help car owners who have hired drivers – a new-age device that bridges the limitations of vanilla dashcams and GPS devices is a necessity.

KENT CamEye is first-of-its-kind car security device that does way more than a normal dash cam. It has a dual camera setup that records both inside and outside of the car. A GPS tracker is inbuilt in the dash cam that connects with a user-friendly app to give you live video streaming of what’s happening in your car. The possibilities are endless.

That’s not all! The device comes with an alert system that will alert you in case of undisciplined behaviour of the driver. For instance, misuse of AC is a common problem faced by car owners. KENT CamEye essentially solves it by providing alerts on the owner’s phone if such activity takes place. It also sends alerts if the driver over speeds or someone else is driving the car – all thanks to the intelligent face recognition software.

To sum up – KENT CamEye has live video streaming, location tracking, intelligent alerts, cloud data storage and much more to be the perfect essential for a chauffeur-driven car.

  1. Proper Documentation

Most chauffeur driven cars are taken care of by the driver. Owners need to meddle in and keep track of necessary documentation.

Use an app or your phone’s calendar to document the important expiry dates such as pollution certificate. Also, other documents like Registration Certificate and Insurance must be in order. Since your driver will be driving the car, have everything in originals sitting in the dashboard of your vehicle.

  1. Road Side Assistance

Roadside assistance is an absolute must for chauffeur driven cars. If something happens to your car on the way, roadside assistance will be of immense help. Imagine your kids or wife are travelling out of the station and the car breaks down – roadside assistance will allow the driver to get aid immediately.

  1. Driver’s Insurance

Motor vehicle insurance is mandatory by law in India. When you’re buying an insurance policy for your car, make sure to have an adequate cover for the driver. Most insurance policies have more cover for the owner than the driver. You can buy an add on to your insurance policy and have your driver covered for a large sum. It will ensure that your driver gets the best medical attention in case of an accident. Having a dash cam that records both inside and outside will further help with the claim.

  1. Panic Button

A panic button in the car helps in all emergencies. You can place the emergency button in a place that’s suitable and easily accessible by all passengers. In case of an emergency, a panic button will help raise an alert and get the necessary person in contact immediately. It’s a lifesaver and can be used in a host of situations.

The five things mentioned above are necessary for a chauffeur driven car. A dash cam can save the abuse of your vehicle and is profoundly useful in case of legal disputes too. Make sure to have a list of all necessary documents in your car with the roadside assistance number or sticker on the windshield. If your family travels with the driver, a car security device such as KENT CamEye can be your eyes.

Please note: The article is written by Anisha Arora and does not reflect the views of The Free Press Journal.

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